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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates it!

Having had a great family get together this evening I come home helped set the presents out for morning and laid in bed watching NXT. Great way to end the night.

Christmas for me is all about family, great food and Doctor Who! Yeah to a lot of people it is about religion and that is the original reason for it all, but I am very much on the fence about religion so, though I know about it, I focus on the spirit we mostly share in modern times.

I am very lucky to have what I have, even if my touchpad keeps choosing to move to different sections in my blog so I type random words in the wrong places. So short and sweet, but have a great day, enjoy some family time or watch some classic christmas tv, get the good grub down ya, if ya like to drink plenty of booze and celebrate.

But don’t forget 5.15pm GMT Christmas Day, we gather round for the most important TV of the day, Doctor Who! Looks like it will be a funny one. Greg Davies and Matt Lucas, along with the return of our favourite psychopathic murderer, River Song!

Happy Whomas people!



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