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New Year – plans for now!

So I’m not one for making new years resolutions, we all know we fail to keep them, so I just set about changing things in my life, soon as I was in the christmas period. I got a James Martin Wahl blender for christmas, so I’m using it!

So I have got one smoothie that I will always keep in my collection, a banana and mango smoothie. So I’m hunting for more, went and got lots of different fruits and some kale to be able to try them out this week.

On another note, I get home from shopping to find this really peaceful music coming from next door, don’t know which direction I have two possibilities, but it was really weird, got me thinking about how I always had this theory that, there was some massive party going on and it was some kind of game like big brother where I was going to be the winner eventually, but it was also the story of my life, with music attached like some weird film. Amazing what a junkie lifestyle, all be it only for a few years can do to ones mind!

Shame spotify stopped working on my pc all of sudden, time to crack on with some smoothies, take care and thanks for Reading.



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