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Black Ops 3 – New Weapons – More lies . . .

So basically Call of Duty, once again lied straight to all our faces . . . We won’t put new weapons in supply drops, we won’t do it . . . because we all said it would be unfair to the people who bought the game and the season pass or just even one, to force them to pay or to give anyone unfair advantages, but they did.

I already decided this is my last ever call of duty game, especially if they carrying on pushing the futuristic jumpy, sliding around stuff. it is a gimmick that wore thin after one game to be fair. Kids will love it no doubt, generations that have not played the classic call of duty. Me I’m going to immerse myself in other games from now on, hopefully a new great shooter will emerge, or one that I can get at least my friends to enjoy with me.

I bought the season pass this time around don’t get me wrong because I am in reality a map whore, a gaming addict if you will that loves more content, but I’m also a tight arse, I see your lazy development and I laugh, walk away to my steam library of many really good indie and other great gaming titles.

For those who do not know me, I am alwaysmutetheweirdo, I play lots of different games, I am currently playing, Banished, Fifa16, WWE2k16 and more. I stream sometimes from my ps4 and record videos usually weekly for my youtube channel. I’m no youtube sensation but I like to think I have my moments, I like to blog on this very spot, right here on wordpress and would love it if any of you decided to drop me a comment on any of my channels. I also make my own music, using a well known DAW called Ableton 9, however due to a PC upgrade not being 100% complete and work commitments, I have not got back to that part of my life for a while.

I hope enjoyed my little rant about Black Ops 3 and might stick around to read some other random stuff I have lying about.




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