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A message to you Sony . . .

The title suggests a fun vibe, but it is far from that for today’s rant. I am seriously disappointed, I have been with Sony since the beginning, the inclusion of this generation was a clear winner in the PS4, but more and more each day or month shall we say, the Sony faithful, are opening their eyes I think, to the rubbish attitude of the big company. Sony were easily the better console this time around, for some the exclusivity for call of duty, or destiny, me I play both and enjoyed the exclusive guns and early access so far, but it comes at a price. Many games have followed the other path, Microsoft has stolen some great titles for some people. So what’s my gripe today, online functionality, party chat and online gaming.

I have a steam account, I play very little if any of my games on pc online, I prefer my pc games, single player, strange or strategic I guess. I dabble I guess. So online gaming for me is a console thing. I was very pleased with the PS3 for that and the Xbox 360, but the PS4 seems to disappoint, it is smoother than the ps4, maybe on a par mainly with xbox 360 for its time, but having now jumped into bed making money out of online play, it does not seem fair, for us to then having paid the monthly fee of £40 per person they could push for a better network, with next to no connection issues, plus the PS Plus system, used to give us some really great free games, but not any more, I know I have had a number of good ones since launch, but I would like at least one good one every couple of months, but it’s all relative I guess, no major AAA or high end games for a long time now. I just think if the games ain’t big, the network should be smooth. I hope that this improves but for now I am definitely considering a switch or at least a test run on xbox one which is sad, I have friends aplenty on both consoles now.

Sony, my message to you, is sort your shit out, I’d love a great game for march as it is my birthday, then I’d definitely love for the network to improve considerably, party chat has been shocking this weekend, you ring support and get the ring your isp response, my ISP is Virgin Media, they are top notch, i can tell instantly when it is down and report it, its usually fixed if needs be within 2 days maximum, but i always get issues with party chat in particular. On another note can we have a controller that lasts a lot longer charge wise or get some games developed that use the touch pad for more?


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