Allsorts of Stuff

No Boundaries

Dream about breaking walls, cutting down fences, metaphorical corks in the bottles of life. Melting the ice caps of the world to get the core of that inner pleasure like its some lindt filled giant malteaser. You ain’t got the balls to please her, she’s on another level, putting up walls that will only be traversable when you’re in heaven.

Your words they are pretty, but the face don’t match, it couldn’t spark a light, it could not even a fish catch. The glimmer of hope lies in the words you write but would she read it, she might, chance are she’ll be somewhere out of sight in a far away place, you couldn’t reach over night.

The regulations in a worldwide organisation cost him a push to the top, because it wanted to star in a comedy club, what was the need in stopping this one night of laughter, i’ll say it greed. Maybe power created this illusion that this action was a lack of respect, maybe it was just a lapse in concentration, a confusion that was not clear before a decision was made, an idea that maybe your boss shouldn’t control your whole damn life, as long as it doesn’t encroach on the rich man’s time, right?

To be continued . . .


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