Allsorts of Stuff

Stories, fantasy . . .

I sit here, a little high as my desk situation is to sit on a draughtsman/hairdresser chair with a kitchen worktop sort of height and a tv unit underneath to store consoles and tv box. It makes for a nice look, but the more I use it the less practical it seems. None the less, here I sit pondering the stories I am now immersed in, the shows, the books, the life I lead, because as my favourite story once said, “we’re all stories in the end, just make it a good one”.

So with Engines of War, by George Mann sitting on my bedside table, Cinder and the War Doctor combining in what seems so far like a great story, then I have Arrow Season 2 on my ps3 waiting to be watched and finished, so little time. Yet I am not done yet, telling my own stories on Banished to the youtube worldwide. A fair few series’ still on Netflix to watch, keeping up with Game of Thrones on NOW TV, with a collection of blu rays building each month. Still finding time to immerse myself in the latest games, join in the party chat and progress York City through Fifa 16 to the glory of europe, I hope!

I just wonder how one can keep all this easily in front of me, picking up when I return to each so easily, but work related, domestic related stuff does not come so naturally? Is it purely that when you enjoy something your brain automatically keeps it fresh.

Either way, it is one crazy crazy ride with all these stories, I don’t think I’d change it.

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