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The Elephant in June . . .

So as I sit at my desk, the 1st of June, 23 days til, oh wait . . . not any more. Yes guys, many will have already found out, that No Man’s Sky has been delayed, until August. A game that was supposed to come out in 2015 is delayed once again. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not 100% pissed off, I can admit I kind of expected it, just felt like the sort of partnership/game that would constantly be set back. Sean Murray seems a stand up guy, but a little perfectionist, nervous of succeeding with this one, in no rush.

I was gutted, I booked time off work, which I may now rearrange, or just use to play other games and go ravin! So this is the massive elephant in June, a gaping hole in the game time continuum that most of us, will struggle to fill. I am easily pleased, I have Battleborn and may pick up another title while  I wait for No Man’s Sky. Ok I already have two or even more steam titles to be getting on with but I love buying new games.  Side note I picked up Stardew Valley and Youtubers Life recently.

So my gripe. is simple, sometimes I know we can’t foresee problems and difficulties just arise from nowhere, but it would be nice if release dates were set with a good measure of this could go wrong, giving things time to go wrong. It has looked playable for so long now. I just want to play for myself. I have followed this game more intensely than any other before it. Sean is a likable guy, someone I’d love to grab a beer (rum for me) with.

I would also like to point at the massive annoyance for us brits, that everywhere gets it before us, the company is based in the UK, I just get a little jealous that America gets everything first or at least before the UK, think the only recent title not following this was a ubisoft title, think it was watchdogs. I watch a fair few american youtubers from time to time and I just think sometimes it would be nice if we got things first, ya know.

So forgive me Hello Games, for being a little bit pissed, but I just want to get hold of your game and play it, 4 weeks ish before release I find out that its not 4 weeks its more like 10 weeks, it’s like I rewound back to when I was previously just mellowing out, building to the prospect of this 4 weeks again, a bitter pill to swallow, not that crazy high off the old disco biscuits from back in the day, just a massive comedown, to be followed by more sweaty M-Kat!

Seriously though, I can’t wait to play this game!

I know it will rock, don’t sweat it



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