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t – 2 weeks til No Man’s Sky

So with all the drama of this game’s release and hype train, we are finally on the home straight, we are less than 2 weeks away from the release day now. I am in the UK so this time in two weeks I will hopefully either be switching it off to wind down for my last day of the week at work, or having my last sleep before getting my hands on the game.

I have followed this game now, for so long, I cannot wait to get my hands on the game. I keep checking youtube for more video content on it, I follow Cobra TV, who I highly recommend checking out. I am looking forward to everything but here are my top picks.

Exploring planets, seeing all the creatures and plants, exploring underwater, that looked really cool in the videos. I can’t wait to discover all the elements, the made up ones, the real ones, trade with them, meet the npc alien races, fly from one planet to the next, or stay on one for a lengthy period of time, how will I decide what to do first, damn this is going to be epic!

Expect lots of footage on twitch and youtube from me especially from that friday onwards, all being well some of you may come follow my journey to the centre!




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