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No Man’s Sky – initial thoughts with screenshots

So finally I got my hands on No Man’s Sky, space exploration survival extraordinaire that it is, with me at the helm, first of all some screen shots of my gameplay, which will truly show you how much of a work of art this game is!

On the left was a storm, rain pattering down on my spaceship as I sat docked in a trading post. The right I plant I thought was one of the most zany things I have seen in the game so far.

I have lost count of how many hours exactly I have put into the game. I played a few hours Wednesday night, but didn’t stay on too long as I was in work Thursday. Thursday night I was on until around 1am so give or take 8 hours roughly, then Friday my new gaming chair arrived around 8.30am, giving me a full day to play it though I did take at least a one hour break for some wrestling, a shower which probably took 30 minutes, some food, so at least another 9 hours today. I am in awe by how much I am enjoying the game. I won’t deny repetition is definitely there, but you are so immersed in the  worlds in this early stage, it doesn’t mater. I think quick progression is a must for those who those who are afraid of getting bored, follow the path the game advises you to take, I have heard there will be plenty of time for more exploration later. I struggled mostly with space combat, I have never been a great flyer, when it came to gaming. I fended off some pirates after a while, following  an upgrade to my ship and I was so pleased, since then I only had one battle and unforunately lost.

I enjoy naming the planets, plants and animals but I have heard people stopped pretty quickly, I guess it will be different for everyone. I have a system for naming, where my systems have PXC at the front of them, except my 3rd one which I forgot to name PXC first, I expect to post more screenshots up when I have some really good ones. In the mean time anyone wanting to know more or check out me playing it, can drop by my stream on twitch. I hope to have more information and a more lengthy critical look at the game on my blog soon as I feel it is a good time to get my initial review out, this will be updated as the game gets updates with short bursts I reckon.

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