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Summerslam Weekend

Biggest weekend of the summer for WWE fans everywhere, I myself watched NXT Takeover Brooklyn live at home with a friend, then I watched Summerslam in chunks, having just finished tonight Tuesday night GMT, I am now going to give you some of my thoughts on the weekends action, please note I have not seen RAW, however I have unfortunately seen some spoilers before I got round to watching it.

I will start with NXT, from what I can remember. Little bit mixed on the show, it was a great show, but I felt a few matches went the wrong way. I felt that Bayley hulked up too much to lose, but her winning wasn’t the best move, so yeah possibly right just not exactly how I’d have liked it to go down. Then the NXT title, definitely a great match, but I just felt something didn’t feel right, the result made sense but I thought Finn may have interfered or something may have happened to keep Samoa Joe looking stronger. The tag titles, well it was predictable but in my  opinion the best match on the card, it looks like injuries happen a lot in Revival matches, but maybe this sets up Authors of Pain to come in?

On a positive note Bobby Roode was amazing, great entrance and the atmosphere, his them tune is one of the best in the business. I must admit I was surprised Andrade hit the knees, but he did and am glad cos it made him look stronger. Austin Aries vs No Way Jose, you know they going to go again down the line but Hideo Itami, he has something to prove and I think a lot of the former TNA guys are here to push the NXT talent as well as get a piece of this pie!

Honourable mention to Billie Kaye and Ember Moon, I didn’t think this match would be worth watching, Billie Kaye surprised me, but Ember Moon, wow that move, you know the one, like a stunner but diving off the top rope to hit it. boom!

So we now have big one Summerslam! Well let me just warn you, I’ve yet to see a weekend where NXT doesn’t outshine the main roster when it comes to PPV quality. So the kick off show was a lot better than it usually is, Dudleyz vs Zayn & Neville great match, Sheamus vs Cesaro round 1, great match, this was a surprise for it to be on the main card, but let me fast forward to the main card to explain. Both Lesnar vs Orton and Reigns vs Rusev though never could be on the kick off show, didn’t deserve their spots on the main card for me, with Rusev’s injury in the 2nd to last match, then Lesnar squashing Orton in a potentially over worked brutal ending, a wasted main event when Finn Balor and Seth Rollins stole the show and Ziggler and Ambrose also more deserving of that main event spot. The New Day surviving The Club thanks to Big E and John Stewart, great angle, big positive moment for the show, but sad when it was not the wrestling on show. Nikki coming back was epic, but she isn’t that great in the ring, she looked improved, but it made the match predictable, just fire Eva Marie, shes a great heel but she can’t wrestle and red hair isn’t everything. Nothing much else to say except Jeri-KO are a great team, what a move, brilliant idea, shame we all know Kevin Owens is going  to use this to propel himself into the main event down the line, he deserves it, the guy is a great worker.

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