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End of the Year

Hi guys, just checking in with my last blog post of the year. I haven’t wrote as often as I know some bloggers do, I like to think I wait not only until I have something worthwhile to say, but also until I feel the need to express or get something off my chest. This time it is a mixture of gaming talk, thoughts on my mind, a farewell to 2016 and just a bit of a ramble if I am honest.

I love to write, as many who follow my social media know, I also love to game. Recently I picked up a few new titles in the steam sale, still going on, may even purchase one or two more bargains before the sale is done. I got a variety for my every growing library. I would like to note a few, maybe you’d like to check them out, I know a lot of youtube videos on all are out there to give you some idea of whether they are for you.

Project Highrise, basically it is much like Sim Tower, build a tower block full of offices, apartments, shops and food courts, give them power, water and the like then watch the place flourish and bring you money, kinda neat.

Pharaoh including the DLC. This is a classic egyptian city builder, not installed this one yet, but I remember it of old, recently had a pirated copy on old pc, but when I saw it on steam for less than £5 I thought why not, I just love the idea of seeing all these games that I own in a list, be amazing if I had enough space to install them all to play at leisure.

Tyto Ecology, this I have watched some gameplay of and was keen to pick it up. Unfortunately I have not been able to play it yet, it seems to be buggy and may be broken, it is rather cheap but I will give it a little more time before considering getting my money back on this, it won’t work so pointless unless they fix it.

Nom Nom Galaxy, being a proud purchaser of a PS4 copy previous to this purchase, I plunged in on the PC version, I had hoped there might be some workshop support, but either way terraria meets tycoon games is the flavour of this soup space extravanganza.

The last title is Block’Hood a very unique “city builder” I use the term loosely as it is a neighbourhood builder really. I have only played the tutorial and watched some footage so far, but it is all about balance, definitely worth checking out.

A notable metion must go to Flat Heroes, a game I picked up not long ago to hopefully in time have four people sat either at my pc or my console, fingers crossed for a ps4 release where we can smash  all the worlds in a drunken night. For now I have to make do with a dabble on my own as Sony’s PC controller adaptor only supports one pad, erm what gives? I only have one Xbone pad for now, so it seems pointless to upgrade until I can fix both the lack of pads and the lack of adaptor for those, also seems ps4 pads don’t work well with the game.

So just a little of my steam sale adventures, for those interested I did pick up Lego Harry Potter Collection on PS4 and am trying to purchase A 3DS with some games but it is proving a mighty task!


Thanks for reading,



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