Allsorts of Stuff

This is the time when inspiration usually strikes . . .

So I am in a strange patch of my life, where alcohol is a lot more common, only in a binge one night thing, stress is probably high but I’d never know how to measure it, I just plod on through life, because we have to right? I have a friend, a best friend if you will who never gets a break, she means the world to me and I can’t help her, so I sit here and write, share with the world because all I can do is let it out, because I can’t talk to her, she needs this time.

Usually when I am in this state I write like crazy, make music, watch Harry Potter, other nerdy things and if I’m lucky inspiration strikes and I write some of the most amazing stuff, be it some sound or some words. I’m not sure if it is because I no longer take any recreational drugs unless you count alcohol, but I can’t go back to taking those, not until I no longer need to work. I wish I could smoke that spliff with a certain american lady, pop that pill with my best friend I never took anything with, but it wasn’t to be, I look to find other pleasures life has left me, music is a massive part of that, whether listening to it or making some weird soundscapes in my studio.

It pains me that I see so many people suffering these days but hell should I be so surprised seen as I have been one of them for over ten years. I am often an open book, I don’t ever want to change that, I have to be a little more cautious now, I made some mistakes, I’m not proud, but I’m not ashamed, I’m human, we all do.

Just to quote Doctor Who “YANA”


Thanks for reading.


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