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So guys,

Figured I’d throw something a little different out there. I don’t know how many of my readers, people who just drop by or might read this one post and never come back will read this, but here goes. How many of you liked Heroes or Misfits or like something different, how many of you just want something new to watch?

Well if you haven’t already, there is a show with currently two seasons on Netflix and a  special is in the works. I hear that the writer has a third season being wrote, possibly even finished, but Netflix is not too keen on renewing it. I hope that this can change, I want to level with you, I want to be straight.

I was a massive fan of heroes, it did get overly complicated and I can relate if you don’t feel another show in a similar vein is for you. Hear me out, the plot is that a group of humans, are reborn as sens8s which means they are connected, in a sort of cluster which can share skills, I won’t go into too much detail but it is an emotional rollercoaster. When I first started watching it took a little wrapping my head around, stick with it, it is worth it in the end. I compared it instantly to Misfits and Heroes for it’s unique ideas, the show deserves to go further than the two seasons. I think the problem is Netflix need to see statistics and numbers, I’d even expect it may show elsewhere if not, but if you do have Netflix, please give it a try. If you like it, I’d love for you drop a comment on here or tell some friends to watch it, I converted at least one friend already to get in on it.


Thanks for reading,



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