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Reflection, the end is nigh!

So, almost the end of another year, figured as I am still awake, a little reflection is in order. This year has flown by, I don’t remember much of the details, not sure if that is because of my foggy focus this late in the year or just that nothing much interesting has happened.

I did hit 300+ hours into Rimworld one of my favourite games ever now, what a beauty! I am looking into changing up my diet, trying to be healthier, mainly as I have put on a lot of weight over the last few years and would like to at least lose a bit of that. I did need to gain some, but not as much as this dammit! I also figure losing a bit will benefit me not only physically but mentally too. Owe that life lesson to Promoe – Fit Haffi Fit or something, great song, sure I shared it in another post.

Music was my goal this year, it has not happened although I did pick up a Push 2, which I have yet to dive deep into, I want still to get back on the proverbial saddle so to speak, of music production and finish some tracks, but it is not easy working a full time job and gaming when I can to squeeze it all in, trying to be more social too, last few months have been a success on that score spent more time out of the house hanging out than in a very long time.

Highlights more recently included staying out Christmas Eve drinking til 4am ish then not getting back to my folks til nearly 8am, doing Christmas Day on less than 2 hours sleep. To be honest these days Christmas just feels weak, nothing special. Sad but true I guess. Going to Egypt for my 30th was a real treat, didn’t do the whole touristy egypty things, pyramids etc, but for March, the weather was great, food was great, two amazing birthday cakes courtesy of Makadi Spa Hotel and the Thai Restaurant in the sister hotel.

It has been a pleasure to help at least two close friends of mine with their own life struggles, they have helped me in return too might I add. Much appreciated.  Through all the ups and downs of the year, thanks to all who shared with me, all that have lead me to it and to those suffering at this difficult time of year, YANA!

Thanks for reading,



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