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new sounds

Been a while but I uploaded something new.

Any thoughts please drop a comment here or on soundcloud šŸ™‚




studio setup issues!

Hey guys, so I have a legit reason for sharing, a have a slight problem, my brain appears to be working on a solution but it doesn’t appear like an easy one. Here is the problem.

I have recently picked up a new Push 2 controller for my studio setup, I am slowly getting to grips with it, my dyspraxia I think is the main culprit for that, focusing the mind on being creative when it is trying to figure out new equipment might not be the best idea, but the main reason it feels such a gripe, is the layout of my new setup.

Keyboard, Mouse and Push 2 with monitor behind keyboard, wires not great length wise, push not in prime location, mouse and keyboard mat no longer long enough with three devices not fitting, then the push when flat on the desk doesn’t make for ease of seeing the push 2 and screen at the same time, so I figure I need a stand for it, but what kind? I find online a post containing a link to an ikea cheap easy solution, not sure if it would work its under Ā£10, not tried it yet. Then I think if it doesn’t what would I need, well something ideally that goes over my keyboard but then acts like a writing/drawing easel, maybe there is one already? The drawing easel, looked at A3 seems ok size fit, but then it isn’t raised, can I double it with a monitorĀ  keyboard riser thingy, will it take up too much space? So many questions, then the cost, an A3 art easel isĀ  double the price of the cheap solution, but would need the riser ontop, so more cost there, then it might not support the controller, it is after all only for paper and the like.

So any suggestions guys? Any thoughts on Push 2, how is your setup looking, can you easily see the screen?

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Ha, just a noise to me, I put it as my project name for some psytrance I am working on, but then I find its a word used instead of shit, on urban dictionary no less. Either way just hoping this spark I have been feeling, these last few days is going to continue past tonight. I recently gathered an old psytrance track, a tribute to the show mighty boosh, put it on my old soundcloud account for all to listen to, hopefully it will slip nicely under the radar and people we get to comment or just enjoy it.

Any thoughts feel free to drop them on here or soundcloud. Even if you think it sucks!

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No Boundaries

Dream about breaking walls, cutting down fences, metaphorical corks in the bottles of life. Melting the ice caps of the world to get the core of that inner pleasure like its some lindt filled giant malteaser. You ain’t got the balls to please her, she’s on another level, putting up walls that will only be traversable when you’re in heaven.

Your words they are pretty, but the face don’t match, it couldn’t spark a light, it could not even a fish catch. The glimmer of hope lies in the words you write but would she read it, she might, chance are she’ll be somewhere out of sight in a far away place, you couldn’t reach over night.

The regulations in a worldwide organisation cost him a push to the top, because it wanted to star in a comedy club, what was the need in stopping this one night of laughter, i’ll say it greed. Maybe power created this illusion that this action was a lack of respect, maybe it was just a lapse in concentration, a confusion that was not clear before a decision was made, an idea that maybe your boss shouldn’t control your whole damn life, as long as it doesn’t encroach on the rich man’s time, right?

To be continued . . .

Reggae – a love I can’t deny

So I just got home from a reggae night, 2nd time I went to it but last time, I was dragged away as it wasn’t everyone else’s scene, this time I spent more time there, admittedly I’d have stopped longer had someone stuck around for the ride but it was so nice to just sway to the reggae beats immersed in the music, not caring what anyone else was doing, so relaxing, for a busy environment.

I can’t get enough reggae at times, the bass the feel of love there is pouring out of each track, the feeling of relaxation and easy going attitude it instils in me. I am definitely making this a regular haunt of mine, shame I will miss the december one. I will just have to fill my phone with a lot of new reggae and get some extra home listening in.

Any reggae lovers out there want to recommend some awesome tracks I may not have heard then feel free, I have a range of taste, from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Dennis Brown to Protoje, Sara Lugo and Sizzla Kolonji, to name but a few!

Cheers for reading,


Whats going on with me . . .

So I haven’t posted in a while, but wanted to get something down, after reading a fellow blogger’s post and being awake at a stupid hour doing nothing else. So what’s going on with me? Well I found a classic reggae tune on spotify that previously I didn’t think was on there, Shaving Cream by the Fab 5, it is such a funny tune. It has inspired me to be more productive in getting my podcast for reggae going, I have a good friend who is a massive reggae enthusiast and hopefully I can do him proud. I am working on what tunes I want to fit into the first one, but I have so many ideas it is hard to pinpoint where to begin and where to end. I have just done a short mix for someone, which went pretty well, still awaiting feedback on it, hopefully it is appreciated and it has given me confidence that I could with a little patience create my podcasts, fingers crossed before long I will be sharing my reggae favourites with you, along with my own quirky yorkshire voice!

In other news, I have been in a fit of rage regarding fellow yorkshireman, Fabian Delph’s disgraceful situation with his transfer to Man City after clearly stating his intent to stay with Villa, in a video. I understand things sometimes change but it still really irks me. Especially as he is the captain at Villa. Heard it is due to Benteke potentially leaving for Liverpool, well, I’ll admit he is kinda key to keeping Villa alive if hes in form, but he has shown himself to be very lazy in my opinion, so if Delph was pinning his stay at Villa on him then clearly he was not loyal at all, fed up of players going for the money,

I’m going to leave it there, as my touchpad on laptop keeps thinking I’m clicking and entering words in wrong place, having to delete and move it down all time, one thing I hate about using my laptop to blog.

Thanks for reading,


Artist Appreciation . . . Igorr

Ok so I figured this morning, when I woke up, I should so some appreciation for an artist I know not a lot of people will know, people in this particular scenes may know this guy well, but I just found him by chance, can’t even remember how so why not share him with the world on my blog, so here he is Igorr . . . .

To me this guy, is something I once wanted to become, breakcore like shitmat, but with something different, experimental, a true talent, I love this guys sound, I also found out that he did a gig in my home town, but I did not know of him then, so I missed it, he has inspired me to attempt to get back onto the path towards a similar style.

Check him out, please leave some comments for him or let me know what you think, I do not know who he is, so I am doing this because I love his music. To spread the word of his music, enjoy!