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Tangents continued . . .

So it’s been a while since I blogged my tangents stuff, life is a bit of a tangent for me right now, so I figured i’d revisit this style, I am currently in a good job, it’s not perfect but if it keeps going, I’ll be set to springboard from here, which is satisfying considering for years I never thought I’d manage to be where I am now.

I recently lost a friend, well for the time being, not a choice I wanted to make, i’m still struggling to stick to it, they ain’t dead, least I hope not, but I wasn’t in the right place for them, I was relying on them too much and it was hurting me, it was their idea but I don’t think they wanted or liked it, I owe them a lot, once am in the right place I hope to rebuild that bridge, still a little difficult, don’t think I’d have the strength to hold them off if they came back, honestly not a day goes by when I don’t wish we were still talking.

I’m debating whether to try my hand at paella, or as the spanish would prefer probably  a spanish themed rice dish of my own design. I would probably go with Prawn and Chorizo with peppers, I’m not a fan of peas, though I did try paella from El Ranchito recently and that had peas in it, I was so keen on getting some I went to the only place I knew did it for takeaway. I’ve never been a massive fan of rice but over the years I’ve found dishes I love, egg fried rice, jasmine rice, with the right curry I am getting into it, think it stemmed from my dad not liking it.

Sticking with food, Hummus is proving addictive, recently tried smoked Hummus, not that keen, but it was nice to try it, think my favourites are sweet chill, red pepper or caramelised onion Hummus, if you like Hummus i’d definitely try something new, even sampled a morrocan one, with apricot, was interesting.

Picked up a nice new wallet from Thailand, made out of hemp, ideal for changes and notes, terrible for cards, just doesn’t support them as you can’t close it up once you put them in, but had to replace my other one as the zip on the change slot broke.

Well I think i’d like to wrap this up with some TV goings on, so Game of Thrones is back so far just setting the seen, good to have new episodes to watch though and am enjoying it so far. Then WW, not so keen on the way certain people are being used, seems Vince is a bit out of touch, some good stuff, like the fashion police, though I think they are stalling, might falter and fizzle then die, Brock Lesnar needs to drop that title at Summerslam, preferrably to Samoa Joe but Braun is an ok option too. Finally the elephant in the universe, The Doctor will next be played by a woman, Jodie Whittaker, she’s from my home town, I  didn’t exactly jump for joy though. I have already taken some flak for my initial reaction, I was angry. Personally I feel the BBC is capitlizing on the current gender focused issues across the globe, the feminazis are out in force, I use that term, because true Feminists would not be as aggressive as I have experienced, sometimes its passive aggressive, but either way I have my opinion and you all have yours. I hope she does well, I look forward to anyone in the role, but always get a bit edgy at first as I am passionate and get heavily involved in speculating who it is going to be.

Thanks for reading,




The Dalek Dream

So one morning this week I awoke from a dream in which I was in a real life doctor who dalek episode, not a tv episode, or maybe it was, but it felt like mine, like an idea, something I should write down soon as I woke up, it stems somewhat I think from the David Tennant episodes where he disappears, dies or is erased from time.

A very intelligent and clever scientist or visionary, I don’t know much about him, stood alone against the daleks, in a war torn world, shouting that they once had a man who stood against the daleks, protected earth and humankind from their evil, but he is gone now, so now it is his turn, part of me thinks I may have seen it from his perspective at this point looking back.

I don’t know what it was he was going to do, I have theories, ideas. It felt like he had a device much like the moment, connected to the daleks dna wavelength for want of a better phrase. He felt like he was immensely angry, somewhat like the war doctor and david tennant, somewhat unhinged like The Master but with a moral high ground, a righteous glow about him. He had no fear, yet he knew if they acted quickly he would fail.

I feel that he maybe a fitting end to his story as I woke up before it ended, would have been for him to reach the button or activate the device as the daleks fired, causing him to die but eliminate them all too. Then the Doctor’s Tardis would land in the spot where he lay, either take him to Gallifrey, for a hero’s burial, or maybe there is an honour far beyond that, maybe he could be the first human timelord, the whoniverse knows the rumours that the doctor is part human, maybe just maybe, he isn’t  the only one, or maybe this is the story of how he came to be!




Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates it!

Having had a great family get together this evening I come home helped set the presents out for morning and laid in bed watching NXT. Great way to end the night.

Christmas for me is all about family, great food and Doctor Who! Yeah to a lot of people it is about religion and that is the original reason for it all, but I am very much on the fence about religion so, though I know about it, I focus on the spirit we mostly share in modern times.

I am very lucky to have what I have, even if my touchpad keeps choosing to move to different sections in my blog so I type random words in the wrong places. So short and sweet, but have a great day, enjoy some family time or watch some classic christmas tv, get the good grub down ya, if ya like to drink plenty of booze and celebrate.

But don’t forget 5.15pm GMT Christmas Day, we gather round for the most important TV of the day, Doctor Who! Looks like it will be a funny one. Greg Davies and Matt Lucas, along with the return of our favourite psychopathic murderer, River Song!

Happy Whomas people!


Doctors – a poem about regeneration

We have been through the war. the time war, fought daleks and cybermen, lost human after human, still we carry on, do you not think it is understandable that the rules are now lying broken on the floor?

We have seen planets and stars, the end of the world, a new earth and met people we have only dreamt of. Still there is so much to see.

So why do each of us stick around for such a short time?

Because there are so many faces to choose from, so many people to be!

Talking Doctor Who . . . My Doctor’s

So as the title suggest, I want to give my rundown on each Doctor, having failed to watch much of the 1st Doctor and 2nd Doctor I would consider it a bit harsh to include them in this critique, so to speak.

I wanted to start with my first doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston, the 9th Doctor. I don’t know how I got into Doctor Who, I just remember being hooked once I started watching it. I loved how this incarnation was northern, his alien attitudes and mannerisms shone through, he was funny, authoritative, soft, all in one character. This was my Doctor. Right now I am not sure if I could put him in my top 3, let’s find out why.

Next we had David Tennant, I found later that this guy, was a talented actor, known for his stage stuff mainly doing shakespeare, after this I had a new found respect for the guy, for me it takes a lot to be able to do stage stuff and also TV. The 10th incarnation of The Doctor is most people’s favourite, I have to agree he was very good and this was originally why Eccleston stop being my Doctor, however, I still hold both in high regard, Tennant had some great companions and the fact that the 9th did one series only, it meant he was a lot easier to knock off the top spot.

Onwards to Smith, although I’m pretty sure at this point I had watched Classic Doctor Who, finding out that I had missed 8 Doctor’s and there was one I didn’t even know existed yet. The 11th incarnation holds my favourite ever first episode, for a Doctor, I suppose this would be the regeneration episode, or first episode either way, his epic first story made me give this guy a chance, I was so sorry to see Tennant go and this was going to take some forgiving, Smith grew on me, he was zany, full of life, had some great companions, even if they stuck around for ages. I think he did well, the writing somehow seemed to be less impressive slowly, or maybe I am being suckered in to common opinion, I find it hard to dislike any episode these days.

So before we bring Capaldi, the current Doctor into my rundown, I must comment on the Classic Series’. I was recommended that Tom Baker was the best Classic Series incarnation. I watched I think most of his episodes and must admit he was one of my favourites now too. I think it is his voice, but also his look. I must admiit though, maybe due to my constant desire to not like the popular choice, I didn’t find him the most, my kind of Doctor if you will, so we come to the 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee.

Pertwee, is my favourite classic Doctor, his voice and manner, reminds me a little of William Regal mixed with Sherlock Holmes, a sort of high class, with a rough detective edge, I found his physical side new and exciting, his intelligence more obviously displayed and his look more “The Doctor”. I may have also given him extra attention as I had not managed to get into the first two Doctors properly, due to black and white portrayal and a lower production value. Though one positive, Hartnell’s incarnation felt more alien, more grumpy old man, more “The Doctor” .

So after the golden era many would call it with Tom Baker, we got Peter Davison, The Fifth Doctor, I don’t dislike this one, but he never really made me care about his stories enough, his look was very different, which I both liked and disliked, mainly I think cos I hate celery and I hate cricket, well maybe hate is a strong word, let’s say I dislike those. I do remember some good stories and moments for him but he frittered away, he didn’t make an impact with me.

These next two are the surprises am sure for most people to hear, that I think both Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy are great incarnations, my 2nd favourite regeneration episode is when Colin Baker arrives, as he has a serious bout of amnesia, is a bit crazy, it was different, it had character, I think that his time was turbulent, It is a shame that his run was cut so short. I also think the 7th Doctor had a tough time, his companion Ace is one of my favourites, I wish we could see her with another Doctor someday. his umbrella and his attire, just sell his character so much to me. I am disappointed so many people don’t like him.

I then come to the movie, McGann had the potential to be a great Doctor and he showed this again in the 50th specials, he has done well in audio adventures too, but having only listened to a few I can hardly comment, I would put him low on my list simply because he had not enough time, I don’t like the hollyoaks feel to the movie in places, but in his audio he seems much more like a Doctor I could get behind.

We now are left with the War Doctor and Capaldi, John Hurt did an amazing job, he was funny, grumpy and serious, he should have more screen time. The current Doctor is shaping up to be a funny, grumpy, sarcastic and interesting character, he feels like he could become one of my favourites, maybe even My Doctor.

my current rundown

LEAST – 5th

———– 8th

– – – – – – – 2nd (can’t judge fairly)

———– 7th

———– 6th

– – – – – – – WAR

– – – – – – –  1st )can’t judge fairly)

– – – – – – – 9th

– – —- — – 4th

– – – – – – –  11th

– – – – – – – – 3rd

– – – – – – –   CURRENT

MOST – – – 10th

The 11th’s Last Words hitting home . . .

So as most who read my blog will have gathered, I am a massive Doctor Who fan. 11th’s last words included something about Never Forget Who You Were Before. These words will stick with me in life forever. I have changed a lot even since I was 18, even though right now I feel like some of my younger days are returning, mainly because I have been single long enough for my attitude to return I think to that of a single guy, well my sort of single guy anyway.

These words were on my mind again today as I think back over the weekend, I was told by a friend, I don’t think about anyone else much, this was denied by other friends including someone who said exactly that before this person did, now it hurt, it hurt because it was so far from the truth it is unreal, I put everyone before myself, when I don’t it is often well deserved, with good reason or just not my greatest hour. So I pledge never to forget where I came from the changes I went through, I once was in the mental state I am now, I rushed off and into something that wasn’t right, when things didn’t go to plan, so learning from that don’t rush, don’t forget what happened last time.

Also I have a feeling I forgot to a little that people will remember who I was, of course I am referring of course to my partying days, don’t get me wrong I still want to party, but I’m not one for heading to bed after 7am if I can help it, I know some will still have a sense of shock at going so early/late but the nightclubs or raves I still go to from time to time, have a closing time between 3am and 6am so if I am in the city, a journey back included sometimes it can hit 9am before my head hits the pillow, I cannot afford to be so knackered so I’ve calmed down a lot. Now that I am always in a sober disposition, maybe a little drunk sometimes, I rarely have the stamina for after parties.

I know it might seem weird to suddenly blog this out there, but well I hope people might take from this little speech enough to help them work out their own issues, their own thoughts as sometimes we all need a little hand.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment!


Whovian Tales – Smith and Jones

So I rewatched one of my favourite episodes, Smith and Jones last night. I must admit this episode has a little place in my heart for a number of reasons. If you haven’t seen much Who, it is definitely not a bad jumping on point for modern who. It features Tennant as the 10th Doctor, Martha Jones, The Judoon and is set in a hospital aswell as on the moon. Yeah the moon.

So who are the Judoon, well they are essentially rhino space police for hire. They seem similar to the Sontaran’s with their bulky armour, but essentially the thing that defines them is the language they speak, short minimal words, that equal each letter of our own language. I love it, one of the reasons I want to see more of this alien. Essentially they are not an enemy, but they are a handful.

In the episode, spoilers incoming btw, Martha walks to work on the phone has The Doctor approach her and take his tie off, this gets the viewer thinking, it was great to keep you waiting for what happened next, it was built upon, Martha and the character who is later revealed as the alien the Judoon are hunting are in a scene, but following this, Martha examines The Doctor, Tennant sparkles in this scene, I think any Doctor would but his chemistry with Martha only grows from here on.

The Judoon take the hospital and everyone with it to the moon, this a piece of genius, it provides a lot of wow factor for me, then when the ships arrive to search for the alien, oh man, what a sequence, so blockbuster. There is a lot in this episode that is just great. Martha and The Doctor but one point I didn’t like was Mr Stoker’s reactions with the alien, he seemed overly scared, not confused enough.

On the whole this is a great episode, it sets Martha’s time in the TARDIS off to a flying start, it develops The Doctor, definitely a great episode for modern who fans or newbies alike.

I’d give it 9/10 purely because the aliens, the chemistry and blockbuster moments with so little negatives, but anyone think different? Feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading,