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Arrow and The Flash Viewing Order

This list has become a life saver!

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The Dalek Dream

So one morning this week I awoke from a dream in which I was in a real life doctor who dalek episode, not a tv episode, or maybe it was, but it felt like mine, like an idea, something I should write down soon as I woke up, it stems somewhat I think from the David Tennant episodes where he disappears, dies or is erased from time.

A very intelligent and clever scientist or visionary, I don’t know much about him, stood alone against the daleks, in a war torn world, shouting that they once had a man who stood against the daleks, protected earth and humankind from their evil, but he is gone now, so now it is his turn, part of me thinks I may have seen it from his perspective at this point looking back.

I don’t know what it was he was going to do, I have theories, ideas. It felt like he had a device much like the moment, connected to the daleks dna wavelength for want of a better phrase. He felt like he was immensely angry, somewhat like the war doctor and david tennant, somewhat unhinged like The Master but with a moral high ground, a righteous glow about him. He had no fear, yet he knew if they acted quickly he would fail.

I feel that he maybe a fitting end to his story as I woke up before it ended, would have been for him to reach the button or activate the device as the daleks fired, causing him to die but eliminate them all too. Then the Doctor’s Tardis would land in the spot where he lay, either take him to Gallifrey, for a hero’s burial, or maybe there is an honour far beyond that, maybe he could be the first human timelord, the whoniverse knows the rumours that the doctor is part human, maybe just maybe, he isn’t  the only one, or maybe this is the story of how he came to be!




Noise and Neighbours

I am an avid gamer, I rage, I am a heavy music listener, I love my music. So for me to be told to keep it down after 7pm or the latest 9pm, can be a little trouble. I am not a twat, I’m not inconsiderate, but I have a life.

I have now a dilemma, I maybe occasionally get a little over loud with my rage on call of duty, black ops 3, especially with all the campers and the fake! However I don’t play my music overly loud, in fact I often stick my headphones in instead. I sometimes like to have my phone play me some tunes or an audiobook while I have a bath, I ain’t quiet but come on, give me  a break.

So you have to get up at 3am, well, honestly sucks to be you, I guess, yeah it will kind of get annoying if you can’t sleep because I’m raging at some camper with no balls online, but seriously, I have a life, I didn’t ask you to get a job that starts so early, I don’t expect anyone else to put their life on hold for mine. If you want to party, as long its not after 11pm the designated time from law, that we have to be quiet then crack on, I let you be, but everyone thinks it doesn’t apply to them, give me a break!

So using headphones obviously isn’t going to help, it is obviously my voice that carries, force myself to whisper rage? soundproofing my house, on the connecting wall? doubt it will work. Oh and another thing if someone is noisy, deal with it then, or the next day at the latest. Don’t know about anyone else but I can’t often remember how noisy I was last week, if I was having a bad day for shouting or if my friend was over and we were getting a few drinks down us, because we presume if nobody comes round the next day, we weren’t too bad.

People are always wanting to live, but not to let others live, be nice if people just got on with their lives, left people to it.




WWE 2k16 My Career Mode

So I am playing WWE 2K16 on my twitch stream a lot this week, really enjoying My Career mode, the way it has improved, the new features, the flow is almost perfect, I could do with a little more choice, a little more control and that extends into the gameplay too. it feels better, but also slower which is not a great thing, so mixed reactions from me.

I’m streaming it on twitch, where people can chat to me, each other, ask questions if they like or just sit and watch me play out my career, then I’m uploading the live footage to my youtube channel for people to watch at their leisure. I just hope people enjoy the show.

I must admit the people that have dropped by seem to be nice people, I have got the odd nutter, but hey, I welcome them all, sometimes it probably makes it more entertaining for the rest if a nutter throws down with me over something pointless. So feel free to drop by if you want, links below . . .



Cheers for reading,


Doctor Who – the possibilities

So I am watching each new Doctor Who episode, enjoying this season more each time we delve deeper into it. I wasn’t overly keen on the two part ghost story but it had its moments. I am really keen on Maisie in both episodes so far, am still expecting down the llne some major revelation about her or The Doctor and her.

I want more from it though, I want to have more of Capaldi. I heard he might be going after one more season, sad times, we need longer lasting Doctor’s. I have some fun ideas for comic relief episodes of Doctor Who, only loose ones so far. Mainly to make fandom crossovers squee. One being a harry potter one, where The Doctor meets Hermione, Ron and Harry. I just want a funny episode where either Tennant’s Doctor or another, not fussed which, maybe even a return for Rowan Atkinson, meets the trio and maybe with a companion exclaims about it, imagine it! I just want something so squee worthy, Missy needs to be in some crossover with Lord Voldemort too or Rita Skeeter . . . say something nice . . .

Ha just me having a little wonder, feel free to comment

Fifa 16 Stream and Youtube Plans

Ok guys, so I am getting Fifa 16, should arrive on release day, so I plan on doing a stream thursday night maybe 7pm GMT, it might be a little later, plus if the game doesn’t arrive no stream of course. My initial plan is to play a game or two at different levels, not just skill but star rating too. I don’t play Fifa online, so will start by doing a career mode. Speaking of which, this is the big plan. . .

I want to do a successful campaign in the major european leagues. I grew up watching italian football on channel 5, obviously followed the premier league and have always enjoyed champions league too. I have teams for most leagues lined up. My English league however will be a longer campaign, possibly taking a really poor team to the premier league and champions league, take for instance fifa 15 I lost the save but I did start a career with York City from League 2. I am keen to do the following clubs . .






any more suggestions welcome, definitely open to doing more leagues, but this is a long term plan, with the idea that I must win the league before I move on, in the english leagues I plan to either manage Huddersfield, Aston Villa or a team from League 2, I must win the premier league before moving on and I’d prefer to win everything in england before moving on, this is probably going to be the 2nd of any country I play, any ideas on which country to start in? feel free to comment!


Tangents on Tuesdays

So, I felt it was time to welcome back Tangents! I have had a crazy few months, made redundant after a year of working in e-commerce, I have been trying to get a foot in the door somewhere else, more recently starting to keep my skills in the forefront of my mind, working for oxfam wastesaver, putting clothes, mainly cashmere online for them to sell! I had one interview, a good experience of a group interview, two applicants and the two members of staff, I think I did well, still waiting but then I got another one tomorrow closer to home! Fingers crossed.

So whats going on, well I am still working on my reggae playlist, keep putting off doing the first podcast and now my soundcard needs fixing. fingers crossed I can look into that this week too. I have found some gems on the way and am always looking for new artists to check out. My new phone is filled with mainly reggae now for me to enjoy!

So the big thing this weekend was NXT TakeOver Brooklyn and Summerslam, I have finally watched both, NXT stole the show, Samoa Joe vs Baron Corbin was great then both Main Events just knocked it out of the park. I really think even as predictable as it was that Bayley would win, it still felt possible throughout that she could lose, it was so emotionally investing and if anyone asks me what NXT is, I’d point them to this PPV, Bayley and the other 3 at the end of that match was awesome. Sasha showing a softer side and some honour and respect, They need to become that stable in due course, the 4 Horsewomen is a great idea, PCB while the best out of the three diva’s factions currently in play is a poor name. Then on to Summerslam, Seth Rollins winning both titles was the only way forward, can’t say I was happy about it, poor ending, Rollins needs to beat Cena properly, for his legacy to continue in the right fashion for me. I also am disappointed with how Taker vs Brock went down, Taker winning but in such a dusty finish, cheap way, is not great. He needed a big win and its slightly marred now by this bullshit finish. I agree with the referee but not the way this was written in. I wasn’t overly keen on summerslam the Diva’s match wasn’t as good as any i’ve seen on RAW, for instance what was that finish? Weak as that’s what!

So with wrestling aside, I’ve also just started watching Arrow, what a series, I am so keen to get into this more, watched a full disc from the blu ray in one night, thanks to a friend for lending it me. Can see some of the people in this could eventually cross into Doctor Who one day, hint hint Moffat.

Bringing me nicely on to Doctor Who, less than a month to go, I’m looking forward to having people round and watching the new series, I want to know who Maisie Williams is playing and if there are any other surprises I can’t wait!

Expect a little more posting from me hopefully in the next few months, I’ll be away enjoy some sun from 3rd September for a week, but I may get some posting done on my phone!