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Tangents continued . . .

So it’s been a while since I blogged my tangents stuff, life is a bit of a tangent for me right now, so I figured i’d revisit this style, I am currently in a good job, it’s not perfect but if it keeps going, I’ll be set to springboard from here, which is satisfying considering for years I never thought I’d manage to be where I am now.

I recently lost a friend, well for the time being, not a choice I wanted to make, i’m still struggling to stick to it, they ain’t dead, least I hope not, but I wasn’t in the right place for them, I was relying on them too much and it was hurting me, it was their idea but I don’t think they wanted or liked it, I owe them a lot, once am in the right place I hope to rebuild that bridge, still a little difficult, don’t think I’d have the strength to hold them off if they came back, honestly not a day goes by when I don’t wish we were still talking.

I’m debating whether to try my hand at paella, or as the spanish would prefer probably  a spanish themed rice dish of my own design. I would probably go with Prawn and Chorizo with peppers, I’m not a fan of peas, though I did try paella from El Ranchito recently and that had peas in it, I was so keen on getting some I went to the only place I knew did it for takeaway. I’ve never been a massive fan of rice but over the years I’ve found dishes I love, egg fried rice, jasmine rice, with the right curry I am getting into it, think it stemmed from my dad not liking it.

Sticking with food, Hummus is proving addictive, recently tried smoked Hummus, not that keen, but it was nice to try it, think my favourites are sweet chill, red pepper or caramelised onion Hummus, if you like Hummus i’d definitely try something new, even sampled a morrocan one, with apricot, was interesting.

Picked up a nice new wallet from Thailand, made out of hemp, ideal for changes and notes, terrible for cards, just doesn’t support them as you can’t close it up once you put them in, but had to replace my other one as the zip on the change slot broke.

Well I think i’d like to wrap this up with some TV goings on, so Game of Thrones is back so far just setting the seen, good to have new episodes to watch though and am enjoying it so far. Then WW, not so keen on the way certain people are being used, seems Vince is a bit out of touch, some good stuff, like the fashion police, though I think they are stalling, might falter and fizzle then die, Brock Lesnar needs to drop that title at Summerslam, preferrably to Samoa Joe but Braun is an ok option too. Finally the elephant in the universe, The Doctor will next be played by a woman, Jodie Whittaker, she’s from my home town, I  didn’t exactly jump for joy though. I have already taken some flak for my initial reaction, I was angry. Personally I feel the BBC is capitlizing on the current gender focused issues across the globe, the feminazis are out in force, I use that term, because true Feminists would not be as aggressive as I have experienced, sometimes its passive aggressive, but either way I have my opinion and you all have yours. I hope she does well, I look forward to anyone in the role, but always get a bit edgy at first as I am passionate and get heavily involved in speculating who it is going to be.

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The evolution of WWE

Hi guys, I am going to delve a little into my own thoughts about the current evolution of the WWE landscape, I feel it might be interesting for people to hear what I have to say. First I want to say, I have been watching WWE since roughly 1999, I started later than a lot of my age group and have ocassionaly drifted from the shows. It is safe to say I don’t falter when people call it fake or staged, I know what it is and I still love it.

So the most recent developments is where I want to delve, I may draw on previous experiences, history may have some lessons for us but first let us look at WWE NXT. I didn’t start watching NXT from it’s very beginning I missed the Shield on NXT, the Wyatts, they probably inspired me to check the developmental brand of WWE out, I must say I am glad that I did. My favourite memories of NXT include a few surprises. Tyler Breeze with his selfie stick, a great heel who seemed to have a bright future, the problem for him, once he got to the main roster he quickly seemed to fade into nothing, his tag team with Fandango hasn’t been as good as it could have been, I didn’t dislike the pairing, it had it’s plus points but what did they do with them? I also liked the lone wolf Baron Corbin, he has the look and size that could work, but he is not being made out to be unstoppable like Braun he has been booked at least a little better since his arrival on the main roster. I won’t stop there, the women of NXT were by far the standouts, Bayley Sasha and Becky for me were just amazing, I was never a huge fan of Charlotte I could see talent but it didn’t stand out for me she wasn’t as relatable for me, I do think bringing 3 of them up all at once, although useful for a weak womens division on the main roster, weakened NXT a lot, the women left behind were a bit lacking, but I think it is mainly the writing for them, as since it is slowly improving again, Ember Moon is a really bright prospect who I think deserves the spot to take Asuka on next. Asuka is starving though and although Nikki Cross is capable, her current gimmick makes her look weak as a wrestler, or maybe it was the fact I just saw her squash an unknown on a road to a title match instead of build momentum against a member of the female roster we all know down there. NXT is shorter than the main roster, but this to means it has less filler, it is mostly worth watching, I skip a lot of the main roster when I watch, it is very predictable, I feel the fresh unknown keeps me interested in NXT. I want to see more from it though, why can’t we have a new singles title, the roster is packed with talent but only one title, how about an NXT  Rising Star championship, granted the name might need a little work, or maybe have the new UK Championship and Cruiserweight titles be sometimes defended or just shown off at the show, a piece of candy for the talent to chase, bringing NXT, 205 live and the future UK show to a merged similar but lower level of the main roster.

Speaking of which the new 205 live show is a home for the cruiserweights that WWE is capitalizing on the fact that high flying talented wrestlers are highly sought after by the fans, people love that stuff, guys like Neville and hopefully in future some of the other main roster cruiserweights will have another avenue to shine in, but having it on RAW feels like a mistake, Smackdown feels like a much better place for cruiserweights, AJ Styles is himself a former X Division member which as most will know was kind of like TNA’s cruiserweight division, well loosely. I have really enjoyed the rivalry between Diavari and Jack Gallagher, it is by far one of the more interesting rivalries in the WWE right now. I hope it pushes Jack into new heights, his unique character is really refreshing to me. I will admit it isn’t quite at the level NXT is yet, it needs time to grow and I think in years to come it will definitely get there.

The most recent evolution for the WWE though is the addition of the UK championship, with a view to adding a new weekly show created in the UK, this is something as a Brit myself, really get behind, though I felt the talent on display was somewhat saturated by bearded or moustached characters, they all performed well and I can’t wait to get my eyes feasting on a weekly uk show, hell I might even get myself down to the shows if possible. The thought of going to see a WWE UK Title match no matter who is involved is just insane. I have seen some stars of the future for sure in that tournament. I wonder though if the possibilities are endless, will we get a Sheamus vs Wolfgang or Finn Balor vs Jordan Devlin, heck even Pete Dunne vs Noam Dar, will William Regal ever pass on his brass knucks?

Anyhoo, any thoughts on the evolution of WWE?

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Summerslam Weekend

Biggest weekend of the summer for WWE fans everywhere, I myself watched NXT Takeover Brooklyn live at home with a friend, then I watched Summerslam in chunks, having just finished tonight Tuesday night GMT, I am now going to give you some of my thoughts on the weekends action, please note I have not seen RAW, however I have unfortunately seen some spoilers before I got round to watching it.

I will start with NXT, from what I can remember. Little bit mixed on the show, it was a great show, but I felt a few matches went the wrong way. I felt that Bayley hulked up too much to lose, but her winning wasn’t the best move, so yeah possibly right just not exactly how I’d have liked it to go down. Then the NXT title, definitely a great match, but I just felt something didn’t feel right, the result made sense but I thought Finn may have interfered or something may have happened to keep Samoa Joe looking stronger. The tag titles, well it was predictable but in my  opinion the best match on the card, it looks like injuries happen a lot in Revival matches, but maybe this sets up Authors of Pain to come in?

On a positive note Bobby Roode was amazing, great entrance and the atmosphere, his them tune is one of the best in the business. I must admit I was surprised Andrade hit the knees, but he did and am glad cos it made him look stronger. Austin Aries vs No Way Jose, you know they going to go again down the line but Hideo Itami, he has something to prove and I think a lot of the former TNA guys are here to push the NXT talent as well as get a piece of this pie!

Honourable mention to Billie Kaye and Ember Moon, I didn’t think this match would be worth watching, Billie Kaye surprised me, but Ember Moon, wow that move, you know the one, like a stunner but diving off the top rope to hit it. boom!

So we now have big one Summerslam! Well let me just warn you, I’ve yet to see a weekend where NXT doesn’t outshine the main roster when it comes to PPV quality. So the kick off show was a lot better than it usually is, Dudleyz vs Zayn & Neville great match, Sheamus vs Cesaro round 1, great match, this was a surprise for it to be on the main card, but let me fast forward to the main card to explain. Both Lesnar vs Orton and Reigns vs Rusev though never could be on the kick off show, didn’t deserve their spots on the main card for me, with Rusev’s injury in the 2nd to last match, then Lesnar squashing Orton in a potentially over worked brutal ending, a wasted main event when Finn Balor and Seth Rollins stole the show and Ziggler and Ambrose also more deserving of that main event spot. The New Day surviving The Club thanks to Big E and John Stewart, great angle, big positive moment for the show, but sad when it was not the wrestling on show. Nikki coming back was epic, but she isn’t that great in the ring, she looked improved, but it made the match predictable, just fire Eva Marie, shes a great heel but she can’t wrestle and red hair isn’t everything. Nothing much else to say except Jeri-KO are a great team, what a move, brilliant idea, shame we all know Kevin Owens is going  to use this to propel himself into the main event down the line, he deserves it, the guy is a great worker.

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NXT future dream matchups

So I am a huge fan of some of the talent coming through NXT, obviously Paige started in NXT as far as her WWE career goes and many more have come through since. I would just like to touch on a few of my favourites either just hitting the main roster or still wrestling in NXT.

First up Asuka, the current NXT Womens Champion she is undefeated and likely to eventually be promoted to the main roster. I have a few dream opponents for Asuka, mainly for the draw side of things, AJ Lee or Sasha Banks being the main two but who wouldn’t love to see Trish come back for one more match or Lita. Added to this replace Asuka with Alexa Bliss or Sasha Banks for those last two mentions and we have a wrestlemania dream match right there.

Tag team action next, I think American Alpha or The Revival or even Tomasso Champa and Johnny Gargano all would be amazing teams to face off against these selection of legendary tag teams, Rock n Sock Connection, The Hardyz, New Day, New Age Outlaws or The Rhodes Brothers. I still wish WWE and Cody had sorted the issues out, he is such a big loss to the WWE in my opinion. Obviously how could we forget the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Team Angle Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, Angle as special referee for these squaring off against American Alpha would be a true dream match up, throw Revival Johnny N Tomasso against Rhodes Brothers and New Day in a four way elimination and you have a brutal TLC match in the making.

So in NXT we have a number of excellent prospects, one guy that is fun and a favourite it seems with the crowds, could be the next Godfather type babyface, who would his dream opponents be? Fandango? Stevie Richards? Imagine him against the RTC team, I think he could do a good turn angle with them if only he was around back then. He could have some great feuds with Fandango, Tyler Breeze, maybe even guys like Kane, Baron Corbin and Big Show.

Shinske Nakamura is one of the hottest stars in NXT, I’ll concede I love his character, the flair, the way he moves, but his moves, not exactly making me buzz, he definitely got talent in the ring, but I think his moveset may need a shuffle, but when it does, I’d love to see him fight against Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles, Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle.

I could not leave this guy out. Samoa Joe is one of the most well known stars in NXT, by rights he should be on the main roster, it’s obvious he can make it big, most people could probably guess my picks for dream matchups. Brock Lesnar, Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose, hell why not Cesaro aswell. WWE under uses that guy, him and Samoa Joe, man that would be epic right??

The NXT icon Finn Balor, will the WWE ever be the same when he hits the main roster? I doubt it, big matches for this guy, such a long list. Sheamus, Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Yeah I cannot wait to see this guy hit the main roster, legends he won’t face would be Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero and Daniel Bryan.

All of this and more will come in time. I hope your ready people, the future is coming, never mind winter, this is NXT!



Let’s talk NXT stars . . . .

So I have been keeping tabs on NXT and WWE going into this Tokyo special, NXT has revived my desire to keep up to date on WWE news, being a bit of a creative person myself and interested more in the storylines, characters and in ring story telling than the actual physical side of the business, I am also looking at how WWE pushes and develops guys, this has definitely intensified with the inclusion of NXT and during my time subscribed to the WWE network, I loved watching NXT and the old attitude stuff.

So I wanted to write about NXT stars and their future, where is it going, mainly the obvious ones Neville, Kevin Owens and Finn Balor, but I will look at the NXT women too, big fan of their work.

Firstly Kevin Owens, with a shot at the US Title looming after the NXT title defence against Finn Balor, it looks like he may lose the title to Finn and then win the US title, but I am a little confused with this. Owens has had a little taster of main roster action, with a win against Cena aswell he looks ready to move on up. Here are my issues, as they have been pushing him with Cena, they have been having him partially feud with Samoa Joe and Finn Balor on NXT, most people will watch both shows, or just the main roster I reckon. So with that said, what is Samoa Joe going to do if Kevin Owens moves on up? I hope Owens does move up, he is a great heel, but I fear he might have that Brock Lesnar or Daniel Bryan esque not fitting in style that holds him back, Vince might have him pushed to be a major star, then drop him like a sack of spuds for ages. Maybe I’m just not a fan of big guy, dominant heels, I prefer the more intelligent, sophisticated, tactical heel. I think he has a lot of potential but will WWE play it right, I am not so sure.

Moving on to Finn Balor, this guy has the talent to go far, big in Tokyo, his NXT title match for me has to result in him winning, I think its the right place for him to do it, however, is it right to keep him on NXT for longer? This is a guy who has done a lot in the business for a long time and one of his students, has made it to NXT herself, Becky Lynch. I don’t think there are any more but it would not surprise me if there were more. I think a run with the title, maybe breaking Neville’s run would be a a big  boost for bringing him up. He could have an epic rivalry with Neville when he arrives and his run in NXT would make that feud stronger. If he loses in Tokyo, he must be brought up to the main roster quickly, maybe he gets taken out by Owens and never comes back to NXT, he returns to feud with Owens for the US title. That might help develop Owens as a heel and even push Balor as a face.

So finally Neville, this is someone with so much potential the WWE has no clue what to do with it in my eyes. He could easily join Drew McIntyre on the pile of wasted talent, but of course if they use him well, he could be a huge star. I think his feud with Bo Dallas was a huge waste of time, Bo is nowhere near as over or talented as Neville and he dragged the feud down so much for me, if this was done with Owens following his move up to the roster it would be so much more interesting. I think a cruiserweight division returning, would help guys like Neville and Kofi, Xavier Woods, Lucha Dragons and so on really flourish, I know it is highly unlikely to happen but I find a match between the likes of kofi and neville more entertaining to watch than guys like Kane and Big Show. I think a UK/British Isles stable would be a good fit to help guys like Neville out, there are now plenty of stars from that area around, even a heel Anti-America stable with europeans joining in would be so fun to see,  I know its been done but I’m tired of Authority/Corporate crap and using the wealth of non american talent would add some depth to the show, look at new day, I’m not a fan of they seem to be dying with many people not interested in them, but sometimes they are so heel, an anti american stable would get so much more heat!

On that note, think about this, Sheamus, Becky Lynch, Finn Balor, all are Irish, don’t think there has been much chance for this sort of alliance before, make it happen! I want to touch deeper on the women of NXT and Paige’s situation in WWE in another blog post so keep your eyes peeled for that soon.

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Change is coming – Divas division, my thoughts . . .

So, though I only saw a little of RAW, being from the UK it is rather late for me and I am going to sleep soon as I have wrote this, Paige says change is coming, Nikki claims to be more successful, Paige is a rookie only in WWE much like Kevin Owens, she is a seasoned veteran from a prominent wrestling family in the south of england, Norwich to be precise. She is one of the best women in the WWE at the moment, that includes NXT. She won the diva’s title off AJ Lee in her debut on RAW.

Change is coming, I hope it is, because the Bella’s story is boring me, they ain’t that great in the ring. I wonder what sort of change, as a writer, I have a few ideas myself. I figured I could share them.

1. NXT Divas cost Nikki the title, Paige in my opinion was the start of a revolution in women’s wrestling or should I say the 2nd diva in that revolution, AJ obviously would be the first, women being more than just eye candy or the piss break. I think Paige could call upon someone, maybe more than one diva and then one of them could be brought up to the main roster, Charlotte could be, Becky Lynch would be a good choice as she is irish and this could provide an anti diva alliance.

2. Nikki and Brie were are loggerheads not long ago, I must admit I am shocked Brie has not turned on her sister yet, could this be twisted into formulation by Paige, I doubt the WWE would be so creative as to twist the sisters against each other this way, the time for that to mean something may have already passed.

3. A legend is instated to referee the match in a bid to stop this twin magic, a special guest referee would really bring in the crowd especially if it was either Stephanie McMahon, Lita, Trish or AJ. Who knows maybe this could be down the line a good option, personally I’d look for Lita or Steph, again I doubt WWE would use this but who knows.

4. My final thought would be a match where twin magic is just simply not possible, or seemingly not so. A cage match, a ladder match, again these are not twin magic proof, but they would make it harder. Banning Brie from ringside or the arena is another option, this has in essence been tried before, so whether it just needs tweaking, I don’t know

Still a bit lost as to what Paige might mean by change is coming, I’d love to see the women of NXT rise up and take the Bella’s down, or a special guest referee. I hope the Bella’s implode too, all of it would be worth watching, but right now the diva’s title means nothing, with AJ retiring, Paige is the only Diva I like watching that isn’t on NXT, bring Charlotte up soon, because, well she belongs at the top. Just don’t ruin her with the joke of a diva’s division in the state it is in now.