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Hey there guys,

I am not keeping up with this page, I guess times just get on and things change, you develop new ways of working, promoting, pushing your sound, developing yourself and your creative spark moves you in directions not yet known. So basically this is a link to my website, I don’t think this page had many hits anyway, but for all those who hit this page up, thanks and please feel free to keep tabs on my blog and my new website. I will be glad to hear from any of my readers.





So I have decided to post up a little of my progress. I have got a lead going on that I’m quite proud of, I’ve uploaded it to my soundcloud so I can let people on here have a listen.

Let me know what you think please!

First taste of my music on this page:

Track : Psykometric Jazz

About: Well basically Its sort of influenced by Tom Cosm, however I tried to encorporate some new bits and pieces into it and see what you think.

Download Psykometric Jazz

Let me know what you think people



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