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9 years

Woah, it has apparently been 9 years since I joined wordpress, I originally started through a local college, where I studied new media, including music technology, which in a word was one of the best decisions in my life. I owe it all to my recreational drug use really, I’m not ashamed or proud of that period of my life, I loved it but it was a rollercoaster and it has opened my mind and heart a lot, making it equally more amazing and tough to soldier on in life these days.

I wanted to write something today and only came to realise the above because of the notification that I past that 9 year mark recently. I wanted to share about how my mind often races, giving me so many amazing ideas, too many and limiting it seems me to that phase of the process. The ideas flood to me constantly but being able to sort them and fine tune one to make it something special seems alien, seems unattainable. Often I find it easier to just waffle on and hope for the best.

At the minute I am playing at least 10 games, across PC, PS4 and Android devices, in my desire to get back into making music I recently picked up a Push 2, expensive as it is, I just wanted the freedom it offered and to try revitalize my musical muscles, it has not yet worked, but with a full time job it is hard to find the arsity if I’m honest. My brain doesn’t stop at that however, I saw a post from a new friend of mine, about her going into acting and my ideas of writing for Doctor Who resurfaced, I always wanted to write for Doctor Who or my own novel or some fan fiction for one of my many fandoms, an ultimate mashup of Potter, The Doctor and Borderlands worlds’ in a weird crossover but as I said the ideas flood me and seem to paralyse me to the mundane working week and must do something fun of the weekend or evenings.

I sit typing, knowing that I am capable of so much more, will it be this year I am free to act, or will I remain trapped by my own paralysis!


Borderlands 2 – buy it!

I wanted to write something about someone right now but I can’t do it because it would be petty

So I figured I’d write a fictional tale about a planet I know so here’s how it goes :

I’ll see you on Pandora with a corrosive sniper

We can take claptrap to hijack the overseer and take Jack down, yeah

We’llĀ  go searching for Moxxi’s photo’s but who shall we take them to?

I don’t know yet

This is the Borderlands, soon to be 5 classes and a bazillion or more guns,

You will love it, I know because this is the second time round

The world is more bright and colourful,

The guns are full of variety and there’s much more loot

A world of bullet penetration insanity

To let your inner Gunzerker loose

Lock your enemies on another plane

Watch those carefully before they turn super bad ass

This is the Borderlands, welcome to the game!