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The Dalek Dream

So one morning this week I awoke from a dream in which I was in a real life doctor who dalek episode, not a tv episode, or maybe it was, but it felt like mine, like an idea, something I should write down soon as I woke up, it stems somewhat I think from the David Tennant episodes where he disappears, dies or is erased from time.

A very intelligent and clever scientist or visionary, I don’t know much about him, stood alone against the daleks, in a war torn world, shouting that they once had a man who stood against the daleks, protected earth and humankind from their evil, but he is gone now, so now it is his turn, part of me thinks I may have seen it from his perspective at this point looking back.

I don’t know what it was he was going to do, I have theories, ideas. It felt like he had a device much like the moment, connected to the daleks dna wavelength for want of a better phrase. He felt like he was immensely angry, somewhat like the war doctor and david tennant, somewhat unhinged like The Master but with a moral high ground, a righteous glow about him. He had no fear, yet he knew if they acted quickly he would fail.

I feel that he maybe a fitting end to his story as I woke up before it ended, would have been for him to reach the button or activate the device as the daleks fired, causing him to die but eliminate them all too. Then the Doctor’s Tardis would land in the spot where he lay, either take him to Gallifrey, for a hero’s burial, or maybe there is an honour far beyond that, maybe he could be the first human timelord, the whoniverse knows the rumours that the doctor is part human, maybe just maybe, he isn’t  the only one, or maybe this is the story of how he came to be!