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Tangents continued . . .

So it’s been a while since I blogged my tangents stuff, life is a bit of a tangent for me right now, so I figured i’d revisit this style, I am currently in a good job, it’s not perfect but if it keeps going, I’ll be set to springboard from here, which is satisfying considering for years I never thought I’d manage to be where I am now.

I recently lost a friend, well for the time being, not a choice I wanted to make, i’m still struggling to stick to it, they ain’t dead, least I hope not, but I wasn’t in the right place for them, I was relying on them too much and it was hurting me, it was their idea but I don’t think they wanted or liked it, I owe them a lot, once am in the right place I hope to rebuild that bridge, still a little difficult, don’t think I’d have the strength to hold them off if they came back, honestly not a day goes by when I don’t wish we were still talking.

I’m debating whether to try my hand at paella, or as the spanish would prefer probably  a spanish themed rice dish of my own design. I would probably go with Prawn and Chorizo with peppers, I’m not a fan of peas, though I did try paella from El Ranchito recently and that had peas in it, I was so keen on getting some I went to the only place I knew did it for takeaway. I’ve never been a massive fan of rice but over the years I’ve found dishes I love, egg fried rice, jasmine rice, with the right curry I am getting into it, think it stemmed from my dad not liking it.

Sticking with food, Hummus is proving addictive, recently tried smoked Hummus, not that keen, but it was nice to try it, think my favourites are sweet chill, red pepper or caramelised onion Hummus, if you like Hummus i’d definitely try something new, even sampled a morrocan one, with apricot, was interesting.

Picked up a nice new wallet from Thailand, made out of hemp, ideal for changes and notes, terrible for cards, just doesn’t support them as you can’t close it up once you put them in, but had to replace my other one as the zip on the change slot broke.

Well I think i’d like to wrap this up with some TV goings on, so Game of Thrones is back so far just setting the seen, good to have new episodes to watch though and am enjoying it so far. Then WW, not so keen on the way certain people are being used, seems Vince is a bit out of touch, some good stuff, like the fashion police, though I think they are stalling, might falter and fizzle then die, Brock Lesnar needs to drop that title at Summerslam, preferrably to Samoa Joe but Braun is an ok option too. Finally the elephant in the universe, The Doctor will next be played by a woman, Jodie Whittaker, she’s from my home town, I  didn’t exactly jump for joy though. I have already taken some flak for my initial reaction, I was angry. Personally I feel the BBC is capitlizing on the current gender focused issues across the globe, the feminazis are out in force, I use that term, because true Feminists would not be as aggressive as I have experienced, sometimes its passive aggressive, but either way I have my opinion and you all have yours. I hope she does well, I look forward to anyone in the role, but always get a bit edgy at first as I am passionate and get heavily involved in speculating who it is going to be.

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Game of Thrones Ascent – The “Ascent” continues . . .

Ok so been playing over a month now, I have got a little more down the trees of tech if you would that drive the game, maybe this is what keeps me going, I want to explore stuff more, what creates what, leading to what etc. I did find that I can get more sworn swords, which means more quests at one time running, a great tip for any newbies, is save money early on, build up and get another sworn sword, cos then you can farm more for silver and rewards, plus get further in the story quicker, well in theory, sometimes it means you fail a little, but if you don’t buy any but gold sworn swords, preferrably with gold coins earned for logging on for a week of consecutive days or silver earned in game, not by using real money although, go ahead if you’re filthy rich and want to support the developers, I can’t personally afford and don’t like the way it works like that. 

Making me want to watch Game of Thrones again, I’m not watching any season 4 until the season is over, just so I can binge on it or watch it when I want, rather than be tied to a weekly schedule, that doesn’t fit with me. I am eager to try out new houses, I have two accounts I have played on, one I was sworn to the Starks, I am a big fan of that house, I like Jon Snow and Nedm, then Arya is such a fiesty little minx, can’t help but like her. Not bothered about Sansa, but being ginger is a plus for me, more than a minus, so shes alright. I then for my own personal main game, I chose Targaryen, Purely well cos, Dragons, Emilia Clarke and I have been rooting for her ever since her brother got melted and she developed into such a wilful, vicious but kind character, ironically what is expected of a king/queen, to be feared and loved. But I am enjoying the Ascent game, I had my first mini war and it played out ok, but as with any facebook game, the time delays do irk some. 

So I am intrigued does anyone else out there find this game so addictive? any non game of thrones fans got interested in the world and want to try out the tv series or books because of the game?

A week into Ascent – Game of Thrones

So just over a week into my game of thrones ascent on facebook, I must say, I really like how they did the game, I wish there was a not time related version of it though. I find if you are not able to regularly check on it, it can feel a bit slow. I know this is because I am a eager to get further and having watched three series of the show, I want to see how the game compares. 

From what I have played, I can gather if I had more time I would be playing it a lot, I just can’t wait for an android app. I mean it is possible to get it on my browser on android, chrome is what I used, but it would be much easier with an app that I could link to facebook. I want to unlock levels, build up my money so I can buy another sworn sword. Currently I have one and am around the silver it takes to get a gold one, 24000, but I don’t want to use all my silver and be waiting weeks to get back so high. I’d strongly advise you look into upgrading your money laundering stuff, if you pardon the slightly strange term for it.

A side note, more personally it is making me realise, that as much as I am working at the moment, I cannot help but game, not saying I would wish to stop, or that I shouldn’t or won’t, just noticed that if something interests me, especially in gaming/reading/tv I can often find myself much more willing to escape to these worlds and forget reality. I don’t think this is entirely bad, but it makes me feel a little disappointed these worlds are much more appealing to me. I may even create my own worlds for others to escape to in time.

If you haven’t checked it out, are a big Game of Thrones fan, please do, not sure if you can search for people on it but if you can, look up Kaelin Ravenheart, thats me, Rigante Hold. A shout out to the LEGEND that was David Gemmell!

Game of Thrones – Ascent – initial thoughts

Ok, so I recently watched 3 seasons of Game of Thrones, I’m waiting for the fourth to finish before I watch it, but I found this awesome game on facebook and am currently testing it out, I am noticing the usual facebook game, problems, none of my friends are that into playing these sorts of games, so I’m left slogging out, one person I know plays it seemingly, the others listed have tried it. I want another recruit, but can’t because I need gold to get one worth having, there is no way of gaining this gold that i am aware of except spending money, its all the rage with facebook games, makes me glad the main game i play on android is free unless u want to buy stuff, seemingly like this but it is a lot harder to do stuff in this. I would love some more game of thrones buddies, but the dilemma of do I add randoms again for a game, or slug it out without them. So I figured I’d blog about it, if anyone is into Thrones and hasn’t played Ascent but is on my friends list, feel free to try it, its coming to android someday if that helps. I am waiting for that too, still on fb when i can be though and would help anyone who asks or requests in game. Also if anyone who follows my blog wants to comment and maybe we can sort out helping each other somehow 🙂