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I’ve just noticed something . . .

So I was talking to a friend the other day, about games, while  playing Battlefield 1, thinking this is graphically impressive, but expectedly so, when we kind of realised, well I did at least, that most of my favourite newish games are indie games, not AAA titles.

Weird I know but, games like Banished, Rimworld, Prison Architect and Project Highrise are games I play a lot lately, they are all made by small teams. Even Cities Skylines has taken a backseat for the time being. They all have big community followings and mods on steam, is that what draws me to them. I I love building games I guess. I am even considering getting the GOG version of Theme Hospital to see what the open source version plays like, definitely worth roughly £5 for the nostalgia alone but add in the possibilities of new content and well surely we are onto a winner.

It does somewhat irk me that the games I love seem to either be indie or not very popular. Veering away from the indie let’s take Battleborn, a new MOBAish game with borderlands flavour that could given the right group of friends produce hours of fun but nobody is on the bandwagon, wrapped up in competitive spring rolls on Overwatch, I find myself paired with randoms who either have no clue, leave half way through  or have to carry me and eventually just leave me to die. I wish more of my friends owned it but the one that does is on xbone with me on ps4, the one that has it doesn’t have time to play it as he prefers other games, I get it, not the best of games, but it can be real fun. While I enjoy holding it down playing some operations on Battlefield 1, the frustration and anger is definitely consistent on that game, I just can’t seem to get many nice runs or good games.

I just wanted to share that is it not time AAA titles offered more than competitive multiplayer and great graphics? I long for Borderlands 3 where there is brilliant co-op, loot a plenty and a great story with characters, I do concede I have some AAA or there abouts titles I am still yet to play, including but not limited to, The Witcher, Mafia 3 and Watchdogs 2, but I am more excited for Constructor HD if I’m honest, fingers crossed for an easy mode on all maps!

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Welcome to the New Year

Yes we made it, 2017, a brand new year people, this is just a quick post to say Happy New Year, eager to see what 2017 holds, this is a big year for me really, the big 30 is upon me and I will spending my first birthday outside of england, far as I can remember anyway.

So what does 2017 hold for Pixc, well hopefully an Ableton Push 2 and some motivation and discipline to get back into making some beats. I ain’t making any promises I have claimed for the last three years at least that this would be my musical year, the year I take it to new heights but it hasn’t quite happened yet. I do hope that I can be a little more disciplined this year that’s for sure.

As some of you will know I am a heavy gamer, some would argue an addict. I lots track of time for the first time in a long time playing a game, Prison Architect, I just got immersed in the story, for a game that is essentially more about the building of a prison, it was quite a surprise. I looked at the clock to find it was 4am, whoops! I still think there may be a place for me in youtube or twitch to carve out some sort of niche for myself, but I’m less confident, it is tough going, if you watch me. Thanks for your support, it means a lot. I think focusing on one platform would be a great idea, but unforunately YouTube makes it really hard for a small time youtuber to make anything out of posting content online unless you are lucky enough to have tonnes of fans and well Twitch is very limited in who it reaches I guess, more people are willing  to have a youtube account and comment on videos, subscribe to channels etc.

So who knows what 2017 might bring, let’s hope it’s a good un eh!


Rimworld – my latest game

Hey guys, just a quick reminder to old readers and a welcome to the new, I do a bit of streaming and youtubing sometimes, this is my latest game I am recording content of, thought I’d share it with you guys.

Feel free to go check out my channel, sometimes I will use twitch aswell, Youtube has a strangely aggressive policy on copyright, language and content, which sometimes restricts me, I like to rage and I do swear from time to time. Hope you enjoy watching.


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No Man’s Sky incoming

So guys, No Man’s Sky is on it’s way, whether it arrives before the UK release date of Wednesday 10th August, I have no idea. I hoped it might arrive before so that I can play it for definite on wednesday, because I am working until thursday and if my neighbour doesn’t get it, then I will have to either pick it up from the local post office after/before work or wait until potentially friday, this is not great but with the release date getting moved to wednesday I may get to play it before my time off!

So with that said as some of you will already know, I am doing lots of No Man’s Sky footage once it is officially out. I have been watching the game on twitch a little to get a feel for it, mainly though looking at the elements people are finding. Some would argue don’t watch it as it will spoil it for you, but I’m not sure it will every experience will be very different.

I want to play it now, but as I can’t I am content with watching those willing to risk streaming it. I hope that I can make it an entertaining ride for you all when the time comes.

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t – 2 weeks til No Man’s Sky

So with all the drama of this game’s release and hype train, we are finally on the home straight, we are less than 2 weeks away from the release day now. I am in the UK so this time in two weeks I will hopefully either be switching it off to wind down for my last day of the week at work, or having my last sleep before getting my hands on the game.

I have followed this game now, for so long, I cannot wait to get my hands on the game. I keep checking youtube for more video content on it, I follow Cobra TV, who I highly recommend checking out. I am looking forward to everything but here are my top picks.

Exploring planets, seeing all the creatures and plants, exploring underwater, that looked really cool in the videos. I can’t wait to discover all the elements, the made up ones, the real ones, trade with them, meet the npc alien races, fly from one planet to the next, or stay on one for a lengthy period of time, how will I decide what to do first, damn this is going to be epic!

Expect lots of footage on twitch and youtube from me especially from that friday onwards, all being well some of you may come follow my journey to the centre!



The Elephant in June . . .

So as I sit at my desk, the 1st of June, 23 days til, oh wait . . . not any more. Yes guys, many will have already found out, that No Man’s Sky has been delayed, until August. A game that was supposed to come out in 2015 is delayed once again. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not 100% pissed off, I can admit I kind of expected it, just felt like the sort of partnership/game that would constantly be set back. Sean Murray seems a stand up guy, but a little perfectionist, nervous of succeeding with this one, in no rush.

I was gutted, I booked time off work, which I may now rearrange, or just use to play other games and go ravin! So this is the massive elephant in June, a gaping hole in the game time continuum that most of us, will struggle to fill. I am easily pleased, I have Battleborn and may pick up another title while  I wait for No Man’s Sky. Ok I already have two or even more steam titles to be getting on with but I love buying new games.  Side note I picked up Stardew Valley and Youtubers Life recently.

So my gripe. is simple, sometimes I know we can’t foresee problems and difficulties just arise from nowhere, but it would be nice if release dates were set with a good measure of this could go wrong, giving things time to go wrong. It has looked playable for so long now. I just want to play for myself. I have followed this game more intensely than any other before it. Sean is a likable guy, someone I’d love to grab a beer (rum for me) with.

I would also like to point at the massive annoyance for us brits, that everywhere gets it before us, the company is based in the UK, I just get a little jealous that America gets everything first or at least before the UK, think the only recent title not following this was a ubisoft title, think it was watchdogs. I watch a fair few american youtubers from time to time and I just think sometimes it would be nice if we got things first, ya know.

So forgive me Hello Games, for being a little bit pissed, but I just want to get hold of your game and play it, 4 weeks ish before release I find out that its not 4 weeks its more like 10 weeks, it’s like I rewound back to when I was previously just mellowing out, building to the prospect of this 4 weeks again, a bitter pill to swallow, not that crazy high off the old disco biscuits from back in the day, just a massive comedown, to be followed by more sweaty M-Kat!

Seriously though, I can’t wait to play this game!

I know it will rock, don’t sweat it


The Division – worth it?

So, I wanted to give my thoughts on The Division, the new game from Ubisoft that has hit the scene recently, I have been playing it since release, I am not yet as I start this max level, have done a bit of everything I think though. I would first like to draw some comparisons to give people a good idea of what this is.

Diablo with guns, yes the loot system and crafting tied in seems to remind me a lot of diablo, it doesn’t feel anywhere near as expansive as Diablo but maybe in time it it will grow. The next one is Saints Row, yeah weird I know but the side missions, most notably finding agents, collecting incident reports etc are all feeling in this game almost as fun as saints row games, as with any game like this it will get boring and repetitive eventually but it is somewhat refreshing at present. Next is the obvious Destiny, it feels like it has done a better job than Destiny, as from launch there is enough content, the story/single player experience takes you longer, it also has that annoying much better with friends attitude but unfortunately restricts players in the dark zone playing with each other. trying to find a balance that is often so elusive.

There are more but I will stop but for these honourable mentions, am sure you can figure out why I chose them, Dying Light and Borderlands.

So the meat of the game is there is a pandemic, virus that has caused some serious problems, it has got so bad, the agents, you that is have to go in and help take the city back from rioters, in essence the bandits or bad guys of the situation, or are they? I haven’t found out the whole story yet, but my guess is something isn’t 100% right on that front. So the single player game is largely repetitive encounters, three differing types, medical, tech and security, to gain supplies for the three wings to rebuild the HQ or base. There are missions that gain more supplies than the encounters too. Added to this you build your arsenal of weapons, armour and talents up and become more powerful, a standard coloured loot system is in place to grade this. You can craft items, when you get blueprints for them from missions or completing a number of sidequests in an area too.

The AI is something I have to mention, so let’s get to that. only hit points can make me harder, is the tactic employed in this game, followed by rush you to death, I really despise the way games, especially shooters make the enemies harder by purely ramping up the hit points, but then when you over level for that enemy it seems to have little effect, bullet sponging is not my friend, nor is it any developers, except I suppose for one that caters to heavily sedated generational grinding queens. I loved Borderlands but this can get super tedious because the loot is too realistic and boring. So yeah the AI is bum rush central. I will concede upon diving into the subways in the dark zone for the first time with a friend, yeah just two of us. I had a blast, running back out as three gold enemies and a purple ran towards us chasing us, then more blocked our exit, we died needless to say, not there but on our way to an extraction zone as more enemies flooded in from all directions, another tactic, overbearing numbers, again if we had better loot this might be ok.

Don’t let me totally put you off the game completely mind, it is packed with humorous little bits of dialogue and it is kind of fun at least for now.

So the new update drops and yet again a developer restricts the player by nerfing enemy drops or reducing credit gains or loot drops, it is basically pointless, who is complaining about extra credits or loot? More stuff to kill?

Seriously though any time I get purple loot I am bombarded with several enemies from loads of different directions, all bumrushing me in the darkzone, seriously, why? This is not fun? Your own loot when dropped due to death, can be picked up by anyone, there is no label that it is yours, so even people in your own squad can pick it up and will not know that it was yours. This means as I found out recently, you pick up a cool item, die they can’t revive you because there are waves of enemies coming from all directions, then they kill those and while you don’t make it back pick up said item. I just wish Ubisoft understood the “looter shooter” genre, it is about fun, cool loot and farming, not fighting waves of enemies with bum rush tactics and masses of hitpoints. unless you can combat that with better loot it really is frustrating and pointless.

Case and point, nerf the game to oblivion Ubisoft it still will not hide that you have failed to impress this guy at least. All I wanted was cool loot and this  is boring. Balance is hard to find but bullet sponging enemies and waves of never ending batsmen, created my disappointment of 2016. Shame I already shelled out for the season pass.