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Raging Tears of a Dyspraxic

So time to share, time to shed a layer off into the world, many who read my blog know I use this as a way to offload shit, get stuff off my chest, express myself, sometimes it can seem pretty dark, I make no apologies, sometimes my emotions are high or low and I need this outlet.

Tonight I snapped, it has been brewing for a long time, I’d had enough, but I immediately regretted it, usually when someone says that it’s cos they hurt someone else, but tonight I hurt me, not physically and it might have hurt someone else too, but for me I went from raging, to broken wreck in 60 seconds, I planned to be asleep early tonight, fat chance now.

Reached a point where after years I want to be free from emotion, daleks, cybermen come at me bro! Seriously though I always hated the idea of anti-depressants, I figured it just masks the shit and makes you not feel, I never wanted that, my emotions have always been unchained free, I liked that about me, I felt it made me human, still do, but maybe I just want a break, or maybe not to have a heart because it feels right now a curse.

When you are likely in love with someone and it’s not reciprocated, when you care for someone so much, they are your best friend, your confidant, your rock, then you realise she might be gone, not only that but you have to agree to it, you have to walk away, you resign yourself to it, but everytime you try you rally, nope you cannot leave her, look at all she’s done for you, look how much she cares, how much she means to you, come on,so you keep going, broken, that is where I am at now, it would be simpler if I could go, that’s not me, it wouldn’t be easy either way, I am still clinging on because I can’t imagine life without her, on any level, I know I want more than I got, but I can’t imagine life without her.


Think of me

Think of me, if you see those pearly gates, laying down here without you.

No, think of me before you go to those pearly gates, not yet, not now, think of me.

Think of me, because for many years I haven’t stopped thinking of you.

Think of me, before you leave us all because you are not a timelord, if you don’t you will never think of me again, but I will go on thinking of you!


She is the light and the dark, the past, the present and future, but he is not hers, well not in the same way. He can’t see past her, can’t see without her, can’t see with her. He knows and he accepts, but still it doesn’t change, trapped in an emotional cage of his own making.

Looking back wonders if he could have changed the outcome, what would have happened, would they still be this close? would he be free? would he be with her still? What if rears it’s ugly head as always, all he wants is to step out of this, one way or another.

Another comes along, a chance to escape, he takes it, it was fake, not what it seemed, another mistake. Once again another chance to escape, once again, another fake, she was there all along helping him through it, trying to help him escape from her, is she who she seems.

They talk and he feels hope all the time, but always it is dashed on the cliffside as soon as he voices it, like she never knew she had given him such a thing.

Still he tries to escape, maybe his heart is not in it, maybe he can’t, either way he’ll keep trying, because she isn’t joining him in that desolate place they call love.

Calling, Do I answer?

She or he or it is calling me

Calling me away from all of you

Calling me to my own world

Whether it be alive or dead, I feel the pain pulling at my heartstrings

Telling me, it is time, they do not need you

We do


Is this the call of the devil

The call of the dark side

Or is this the call of a higher power

The call of the master being?


Am I to answer, am I to stay

Is it just pure motivation to succeed?


Someone or something is calling me

I am stood by the phone watching it ring

Decisional Paralysis, wonder if it is a real thing

Not Done

I just called to check in and realised I’m not done with this,

But I’m walking away and I’m not looking back

I’m so fed up with the answers that I lack

I tried so hard to escape from this trap

I don’t know what to do anymore

I need to be free of this torment, this unfinished business


To me this is hell, not being able to be who I am around you

To me this is pain, feeling I’m not needed or wanted

Just wish things were different but I’m going

But I’m not done with this, I know

Pulling Me Away

I feel the world pulling me away from here

I feel the pain of solitude surrounded by people

Music keeps me alive

I want to be free of all stress and pressure, but can only gain such a small reprieve


Emotionless is not something I could understand

I seethe with passion, pain and pulse with fear

This is not unusual, this is just me

I wish I could function this into something to draw her near, whoever she might be


I’m just clutching at half cut straws

With my almost sober disposition and lack of finesse

I can only dream and dream I shall

For fear of losing all hope


So these urges that keep pulling me away from here

Keep on keeping me dreaming of her

Whoever she may be

I’m trying, I won’t give up, maybe I just need a little help

Pull a little harder?

Who knows


Maybe two of you are pulling me in opposite directions

Maybe I’m gluing myself here for some reason

Something however,

Keeps pulling me away

Waiting for Death

I am but a very young man, but I think all in all most of us are just waiting for death

I have ran myself through the delights and disasters of drugs

I’m no smack or crack or head but I have expanded my mind, reach states of pure euphoria and become numb


I have made mistakes

I have cried, tears of sadness and tears of  joy

I have seen the slow coming of death for an old man who had long since given up

I have heard of a life cut so short more than once


I have watched people hurt each other

I have seen how people can hurt themselves

I have laid awake at night long ago and hurt myself

I am now not one to partake in this pain


I just wait for death

Some people would wish it upon me, or at least for me to suffer

I would wish that I could make my mistakes less damning, that they would cause less harm

They have hurt me in a way not even the best can repair, only me


I fear I cannot heal

I fear I cannot control what will happen to me

I am not afraid, but I am alone

People will stand by me

But they cannot help me, they can only soften the blow when it comes


I just wait for it

I have very little to lose after all