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How can I?

You can’t play on broken strings, here without you, it’s impossible,  the way you do the things you do.

Mamny Rivers to Cross, You could meet somebody, rewind, all of me, last request.

Dancing on my own.

In other words, how can I go on without you, it’s impossible, the way you do the things you do, I’ve got many rivers to cross, they say you could meet somebody, but I doubt I will, can’t we just rewind, this is my last request, grant it, let me hold you.

I’m much like the Doctor, I don’t do goodbyes, I  don’t do endings, I don’t like them, I always felt like an island, I wish you’d let me be there, while you fix you, I don’t mind if you nag me, I want to know.

How can I let go? Though I know I have to, I want you to stop me, for the right reasons, for me and for you.

You can’t play on broken strings, I know I can’t make your heart feell anything, but if it is buried beneath all your pain, maybe we can find it together.


When she won’t cave

Do I stay or do I go?

I can’t give up, I don’t want to give up

Surely if it was going to happen it has had enough time?

But if the timing hasn’t been right, might it be in the future?

What ifs and but this and that, I’ll never stop hoping

If someone would just come along and drag me away

How could I even think that? Why would I even consider that?

I don’t deserve her, hang on a minute, she doesn’t deserve me

How could I even think that of her, what is happening to me

She told me to go, but she obviously doesn’t want me to

So there is hope, nope she wants something else, she needs you but its not the same

But I can’t it’s all or nothing, wait that is silly, would you not rather have her in your life?

I don’t know, Shroedingers Cat? Yeah exactly, we should try it, then I will know?

I didn’t last, I caved, I can’t have what I want, but I can give her what she wants

But never settle I said, never settle, I now have to

Where is she? Will she rescue me? Would I even want her to?

What kind of bullshit is this, wanting someone to rescue you from this?

How could you even expect anyone to be ok with this?

Also you try and try and try again, they don’t stick around or you push them away

So what that’s it, no answers?

Nope just question and you, focus on you if you can

Well that’s ironic



a short mind dump about where my head is at right now and kind of a conversation I have with myself often


Thanks for reading,


If you . .

IF you really like me then cut the bullshit I am too old for games

If you don’t want me as more than friend  then say, i will be there til the end

If you didn’t like what you saw, it wasn’t quite the peak you expected

Then jog on, I am worth more than that, you can find Mr Perfect elsewhere

If you tease me get my motor running then run away confused don’t blame me when someone else comes take my juice, cos one day someone will appreciate me and I will not hesitate to let loose, this was once for you, lady but you just couldn’r choose.

I hate the way that sounds I would much rather be sweet, but gals like someone who has a nobhead ish quality indeed, someone who makes them feel like shit not feel their in a dream

I was born to please one, but one does not exist so should I give it up and just look after me.

Met a lass from down south got  a boyfriend, but still appreciated me for who I am, maybe she sensed i was unlucky and tried to give me some confidence to make me plucky, either way I won’t forget, no go or not she made me think

I went out come home early, because like always nobody keeps up, saturday night the atmospheres sucks, just want me to come  out til something better comes along, whilst am wondering what the fuck went wrong,  I just wish for once my way, but never expected, so never regretted as I drift into space.

I ask all the readers to bow their heads in the respect of one, lost, tired of all the silly games.




Things will happen . . .

Things will happen, your time will come, just you wait and see. All the cliche responses I get when I get a little frustrated by the lack of romance or women in my life. My life was pretty rough for a while, well I say rough it was mostly self inflicted although I couldn’t tell you why, I don’t quite understand looking back, but the main thing that is missing in my life now, is a woman, someone to share my life with.

This is just my little rant about those phrases, my gran always said “Don’t chase women” I still believe this to be sound advice, but only to a certain point, I think once a women gives you some signals, if you don’t act, she quickly moves on and I doubt it is a good move to wait for her to do it all. I often got told you’re such a nice guy there is bound to be someone for you, well news for ya ladies, if all women are thinking that same thing, then there won’t be, someone has to take the plunge and not think like you. I have had some luck, I once got told a friendship that grows into something is a good way, never believed it but recently something came out of a long friendship, admittedly it now feels like that was a bad idea, but it showed to me it is possible.

Hung up on the same woman since about 7 years ago, but always knowing deep down if it was going to happen, it would have by now, we passed like ships in the night and though we may still be close, or were, I can’t help but feel we both fucked up with this one. So sitting content with  my creative juices writing, making music, gaming, doing videos without the obsession or thought of a woman in my mind, it get’s broken by someone giving me a signal, I jump on it, whether I was right or wrong to, she backs off claims confusion or denies giving the signal either way I take the blame, or rather have to suffer the defeat, while she either moves on or goes back seemingly without a care, am sure she still cares and probably suffers a little too, but I don’t know because communication was already mediocre at best and that for sure hasn’t got any better.

I am for a man of almost 30 somewhat young in my mind, in a sense of shall we say maturity, especially sexual and/or romantic maturity, but that is I think 50% true. I have a much older sense of respect and self that somewhat cripples the development of my romantic side. I feel there is a risk taker, charlie sheen don’t give a fuck twat deep down somewhere that would woo many ladies off their feet with my wit and charm, but my crippled confidence, outlook and  bitterness combine with this to create a socially awkward open book, as easily readible as a harry potter novel. I am a catch I don’t doubt, but it is the distinguished strange fisherwoman that rarely comes along that will find the beauty in this particular fish.

I have been told I need to spruce myself up a bit, maybe get some baubles to darn the old twigs as they don’t say. I have a way of words on here, but in female company, I stumble and stutter or simply stay quiet, until comfortable, then fall flat on my face in rushed conversation and foot in mouth syndrome, I kid you not, this guy is not as smooth as you might first think.

I’d like to think, as a result of my rant someone out there knows they are not the only awkward guy or girl frustrated with not being the all singing all dancing wizard with the opposite sex, that we might be alone, but we are not completely alone.


Under Pressure?

Least I want to do, is add more for you

Am just falling faster than I believed I could from cute, to awesome then exceedingly hot

There is not, single desire to make you feel that pain

But all the same, if we could make it well am willing to train

I wear my heart on my sleeve

Not just this time, all the ones before believe

Why should I change how I am for you

Then you say there’s nothing you don’t like about me

So what is it then, was it time even though you said it wasn’t

Was it protection that you felt you offered

Seriously if I can share this summer all the same

I don’t think I want these games

I speak the truth when I offer my wit, a little filthy sometimes but I won’t quite

I just feel my mouth and my fingers getting loose

but my mind and heart reach out for that noose

I never felt so much like I was hanging myself from a rope

Where it hangs and cuts me across the throat like a machete,

I’m not ready but life is forcing me to try

I am not ashamed that you already made me cry

I am fool to let you slip away but if the line drawn

the battle is already lost, my way

it’s a wonder how I keep myself under control

When my heart and something else sees you as the perfect goa

These words can’t ever surely bring you closer

This time might not be right but when it comes I have to quickly to take to the net and write

A wordsmith garnered little appreciation for the rap genre

But seems to usher it into his own world with ease

Thinking back wishing I knew how to deal with a tease

Turn it into a yes please

Let’s do this, no expectations

Not except the smile on your face,

The feeling small as I wave you off when you head up north

Knowing you won’t forget and neither will I

But am stunned

Inspiration Spark

When you’ve been as low, or as unfulfilled as I have in most departments of my life, for a good few years, then something just happens that changes your attitude, the way you see someone or life in general, you kind of notice, but for me something clicked recently, a spark was set a light and I felt alive again. I want to write something about it and so I’m going to try piece it together.

I didn’t expect this!

I know my heart and my head are agreed, they want to rush into this with you,

I know I need to calm, at least a little believe

But I thought I had no chance, I thought it was gone with you

I’m still scared, paranoid to shit but I’m hopeful that it’ll pass

That one day, I’ll have made it and it’s you i’ll ask

But for now just bare with me while I try to slow down

My head and my heart don’t agree very often, but now they do, it’s hard to argue

I don’t want them to fight, I want this to work out alright,

Just bare with me while I slow down

I’ve not got the best control, but I’ll give it a go,

Maybe you can tell but am crazy about you

I probably seem like a putz, at the moment

But I’m just trying to slow down, keep control but not lose you

All at the same time

So forgive me and if you can

Try help me not fuck this up!

I’m the kind of guy who is sometimes too full on

I can’t help it, I don’t do things by half, if I like you, I like you, and that’s that

That’s not it all though, cos sometimes I’m frozen, I stand there alone

So yeah I’m a little broken, but nobody’s perfect

You can’t say fairer than that

This is not what I thought would happen,

I was sure another girl would be in this song

I’m not complaining, I’m so fucking happy

But I’m still sad, cos I’ll probably fuck it up!

Faded Smile

Long ago a smile would flood my face, at the sight of you, the smell, the taste or just the knowledge of you

That smile is faded now, just a little

You changed that night, you built a new wall, when we were so close to tearing them all down

Or was it me?

I never stop thinking about you, each day a new thought of you springs to mind


I know its not healthy but they say all the stuff you like isn’t. food I mean

So if that is the case, you must be a really huge piece of chocolate cake

Cos the love I have for you is pretty huge


Even if it isn’t ever to be returned, I keep hanging on to a slither of hope that you liked me before

It was obvious, so why not again?

I’m in no rush, I think you want me to get out there

Find someone better, but its not about better or worse, its about never letting go, always being there

Maybe this is too personal in some ways for me to lay all my cards on the table, but one day


That flooded smile will fade back in, louder than ever