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studio setup issues!

Hey guys, so I have a legit reason for sharing, a have a slight problem, my brain appears to be working on a solution but it doesn’t appear like an easy one. Here is the problem.

I have recently picked up a new Push 2 controller for my studio setup, I am slowly getting to grips with it, my dyspraxia I think is the main culprit for that, focusing the mind on being creative when it is trying to figure out new equipment might not be the best idea, but the main reason it feels such a gripe, is the layout of my new setup.

Keyboard, Mouse and Push 2 with monitor behind keyboard, wires not great length wise, push not in prime location, mouse and keyboard mat no longer long enough with three devices not fitting, then the push when flat on the desk doesn’t make for ease of seeing the push 2 and screen at the same time, so I figure I need a stand for it, but what kind? I find online a post containing a link to an ikea cheap easy solution, not sure if it would work its under £10, not tried it yet. Then I think if it doesn’t what would I need, well something ideally that goes over my keyboard but then acts like a writing/drawing easel, maybe there is one already? The drawing easel, looked at A3 seems ok size fit, but then it isn’t raised, can I double it with a monitor  keyboard riser thingy, will it take up too much space? So many questions, then the cost, an A3 art easel is  double the price of the cheap solution, but would need the riser ontop, so more cost there, then it might not support the controller, it is after all only for paper and the like.

So any suggestions guys? Any thoughts on Push 2, how is your setup looking, can you easily see the screen?

Thank for reading,



9 years

Woah, it has apparently been 9 years since I joined wordpress, I originally started through a local college, where I studied new media, including music technology, which in a word was one of the best decisions in my life. I owe it all to my recreational drug use really, I’m not ashamed or proud of that period of my life, I loved it but it was a rollercoaster and it has opened my mind and heart a lot, making it equally more amazing and tough to soldier on in life these days.

I wanted to write something today and only came to realise the above because of the notification that I past that 9 year mark recently. I wanted to share about how my mind often races, giving me so many amazing ideas, too many and limiting it seems me to that phase of the process. The ideas flood to me constantly but being able to sort them and fine tune one to make it something special seems alien, seems unattainable. Often I find it easier to just waffle on and hope for the best.

At the minute I am playing at least 10 games, across PC, PS4 and Android devices, in my desire to get back into making music I recently picked up a Push 2, expensive as it is, I just wanted the freedom it offered and to try revitalize my musical muscles, it has not yet worked, but with a full time job it is hard to find the arsity if I’m honest. My brain doesn’t stop at that however, I saw a post from a new friend of mine, about her going into acting and my ideas of writing for Doctor Who resurfaced, I always wanted to write for Doctor Who or my own novel or some fan fiction for one of my many fandoms, an ultimate mashup of Potter, The Doctor and Borderlands worlds’ in a weird crossover but as I said the ideas flood me and seem to paralyse me to the mundane working week and must do something fun of the weekend or evenings.

I sit typing, knowing that I am capable of so much more, will it be this year I am free to act, or will I remain trapped by my own paralysis!

No Denying It

I have been trying for almost 10 years to walk away from her

Trying to move on, to stop feeling like I do

I have known for years, I probably won’t stop

There is no denying it, I’m crazy about her

I can doubt it, or is it that because I am alone in it, I can’t see the point

I have met many I like, a few I could see taking me away from her

But none follow it through, not complete the journey or even start it really

I still can’t deny it, I’m just too far gone



I’ve just noticed something . . .

So I was talking to a friend the other day, about games, while  playing Battlefield 1, thinking this is graphically impressive, but expectedly so, when we kind of realised, well I did at least, that most of my favourite newish games are indie games, not AAA titles.

Weird I know but, games like Banished, Rimworld, Prison Architect and Project Highrise are games I play a lot lately, they are all made by small teams. Even Cities Skylines has taken a backseat for the time being. They all have big community followings and mods on steam, is that what draws me to them. I I love building games I guess. I am even considering getting the GOG version of Theme Hospital to see what the open source version plays like, definitely worth roughly £5 for the nostalgia alone but add in the possibilities of new content and well surely we are onto a winner.

It does somewhat irk me that the games I love seem to either be indie or not very popular. Veering away from the indie let’s take Battleborn, a new MOBAish game with borderlands flavour that could given the right group of friends produce hours of fun but nobody is on the bandwagon, wrapped up in competitive spring rolls on Overwatch, I find myself paired with randoms who either have no clue, leave half way through  or have to carry me and eventually just leave me to die. I wish more of my friends owned it but the one that does is on xbone with me on ps4, the one that has it doesn’t have time to play it as he prefers other games, I get it, not the best of games, but it can be real fun. While I enjoy holding it down playing some operations on Battlefield 1, the frustration and anger is definitely consistent on that game, I just can’t seem to get many nice runs or good games.

I just wanted to share that is it not time AAA titles offered more than competitive multiplayer and great graphics? I long for Borderlands 3 where there is brilliant co-op, loot a plenty and a great story with characters, I do concede I have some AAA or there abouts titles I am still yet to play, including but not limited to, The Witcher, Mafia 3 and Watchdogs 2, but I am more excited for Constructor HD if I’m honest, fingers crossed for an easy mode on all maps!

Thanks for reading,



She is the light and the dark, the past, the present and future, but he is not hers, well not in the same way. He can’t see past her, can’t see without her, can’t see with her. He knows and he accepts, but still it doesn’t change, trapped in an emotional cage of his own making.

Looking back wonders if he could have changed the outcome, what would have happened, would they still be this close? would he be free? would he be with her still? What if rears it’s ugly head as always, all he wants is to step out of this, one way or another.

Another comes along, a chance to escape, he takes it, it was fake, not what it seemed, another mistake. Once again another chance to escape, once again, another fake, she was there all along helping him through it, trying to help him escape from her, is she who she seems.

They talk and he feels hope all the time, but always it is dashed on the cliffside as soon as he voices it, like she never knew she had given him such a thing.

Still he tries to escape, maybe his heart is not in it, maybe he can’t, either way he’ll keep trying, because she isn’t joining him in that desolate place they call love.

If you . .

IF you really like me then cut the bullshit I am too old for games

If you don’t want me as more than friend  then say, i will be there til the end

If you didn’t like what you saw, it wasn’t quite the peak you expected

Then jog on, I am worth more than that, you can find Mr Perfect elsewhere

If you tease me get my motor running then run away confused don’t blame me when someone else comes take my juice, cos one day someone will appreciate me and I will not hesitate to let loose, this was once for you, lady but you just couldn’r choose.

I hate the way that sounds I would much rather be sweet, but gals like someone who has a nobhead ish quality indeed, someone who makes them feel like shit not feel their in a dream

I was born to please one, but one does not exist so should I give it up and just look after me.

Met a lass from down south got  a boyfriend, but still appreciated me for who I am, maybe she sensed i was unlucky and tried to give me some confidence to make me plucky, either way I won’t forget, no go or not she made me think

I went out come home early, because like always nobody keeps up, saturday night the atmospheres sucks, just want me to come  out til something better comes along, whilst am wondering what the fuck went wrong,  I just wish for once my way, but never expected, so never regretted as I drift into space.

I ask all the readers to bow their heads in the respect of one, lost, tired of all the silly games.




The evolution of WWE

Hi guys, I am going to delve a little into my own thoughts about the current evolution of the WWE landscape, I feel it might be interesting for people to hear what I have to say. First I want to say, I have been watching WWE since roughly 1999, I started later than a lot of my age group and have ocassionaly drifted from the shows. It is safe to say I don’t falter when people call it fake or staged, I know what it is and I still love it.

So the most recent developments is where I want to delve, I may draw on previous experiences, history may have some lessons for us but first let us look at WWE NXT. I didn’t start watching NXT from it’s very beginning I missed the Shield on NXT, the Wyatts, they probably inspired me to check the developmental brand of WWE out, I must say I am glad that I did. My favourite memories of NXT include a few surprises. Tyler Breeze with his selfie stick, a great heel who seemed to have a bright future, the problem for him, once he got to the main roster he quickly seemed to fade into nothing, his tag team with Fandango hasn’t been as good as it could have been, I didn’t dislike the pairing, it had it’s plus points but what did they do with them? I also liked the lone wolf Baron Corbin, he has the look and size that could work, but he is not being made out to be unstoppable like Braun he has been booked at least a little better since his arrival on the main roster. I won’t stop there, the women of NXT were by far the standouts, Bayley Sasha and Becky for me were just amazing, I was never a huge fan of Charlotte I could see talent but it didn’t stand out for me she wasn’t as relatable for me, I do think bringing 3 of them up all at once, although useful for a weak womens division on the main roster, weakened NXT a lot, the women left behind were a bit lacking, but I think it is mainly the writing for them, as since it is slowly improving again, Ember Moon is a really bright prospect who I think deserves the spot to take Asuka on next. Asuka is starving though and although Nikki Cross is capable, her current gimmick makes her look weak as a wrestler, or maybe it was the fact I just saw her squash an unknown on a road to a title match instead of build momentum against a member of the female roster we all know down there. NXT is shorter than the main roster, but this to means it has less filler, it is mostly worth watching, I skip a lot of the main roster when I watch, it is very predictable, I feel the fresh unknown keeps me interested in NXT. I want to see more from it though, why can’t we have a new singles title, the roster is packed with talent but only one title, how about an NXT  Rising Star championship, granted the name might need a little work, or maybe have the new UK Championship and Cruiserweight titles be sometimes defended or just shown off at the show, a piece of candy for the talent to chase, bringing NXT, 205 live and the future UK show to a merged similar but lower level of the main roster.

Speaking of which the new 205 live show is a home for the cruiserweights that WWE is capitalizing on the fact that high flying talented wrestlers are highly sought after by the fans, people love that stuff, guys like Neville and hopefully in future some of the other main roster cruiserweights will have another avenue to shine in, but having it on RAW feels like a mistake, Smackdown feels like a much better place for cruiserweights, AJ Styles is himself a former X Division member which as most will know was kind of like TNA’s cruiserweight division, well loosely. I have really enjoyed the rivalry between Diavari and Jack Gallagher, it is by far one of the more interesting rivalries in the WWE right now. I hope it pushes Jack into new heights, his unique character is really refreshing to me. I will admit it isn’t quite at the level NXT is yet, it needs time to grow and I think in years to come it will definitely get there.

The most recent evolution for the WWE though is the addition of the UK championship, with a view to adding a new weekly show created in the UK, this is something as a Brit myself, really get behind, though I felt the talent on display was somewhat saturated by bearded or moustached characters, they all performed well and I can’t wait to get my eyes feasting on a weekly uk show, hell I might even get myself down to the shows if possible. The thought of going to see a WWE UK Title match no matter who is involved is just insane. I have seen some stars of the future for sure in that tournament. I wonder though if the possibilities are endless, will we get a Sheamus vs Wolfgang or Finn Balor vs Jordan Devlin, heck even Pete Dunne vs Noam Dar, will William Regal ever pass on his brass knucks?

Anyhoo, any thoughts on the evolution of WWE?

Thanks for reading