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Tangents on Thursdays!

Well, what a few weeks I’ve had guys, a reyt emotional rollercoaster! Three options on the job front, for the same company, two of those in different locations, one of which was a completely different role, needless to say it looks like am sticking where I am due to my own stuff going on. So no commuting and sticking with the gym as it would be much more difficult to maintain from a further away location.

The World Cup has been on, not been watching every game, seen england games, but though we look a lot better, first half against belgium and we don’t look great. Nice to see some of the smaller teams fighting for a good show. Panama’s goal against England was pretty good. So what other Tangents we gonna touch upon.

Gaming is always a good one, being such an avid gamer, I must draw attention to three of my favourites, Rimworld, No Man’s Sky and Borderlands. Firstly Borderlands, where is the news, where is the release date, we are so hungry, well I definitely am, I cannot wait for this game. Hopefully a solid release date arrives before the end of summer. I’d love to see the game arrive before the end of the year or latest end of march, oh and an update Belgium are winning, see England are shite again, normal service resumed.

So gaming, Rimworld 1.0 is available on the steam unstable branch, not tried it seen some gameplay, not sure if I like it as much, may wait until mods are released properly as I daresay I will miss them. I will probably cave at the weekend so look out for that on my channels. Lastly No Man’s Sky, yeah I really like it, have since release, i’m tired of the hate, they really don’t deserve it. Destiny or Fifa or Call of Duty deserves it, but not this. So the new NEXT update, fully fledged multiplayer and so much more. I can’t wait to see what is coming, so am off to watch some NEXT gameplay I got recommended, right after writing this.

So with gaming out of the way I can look at some music stuff. I introduced hopefully two, but definitely one person to a band called Dirtwire, intriguing sounds remininscent of a rustic badlands from borderlands type vibe. I urge you to check them out, if you’re a fan don’t be shy say hi in the comments!

I’ll leave you with a final thought, time is ticking, we ae getting ever closer to the first female lead of Doctor Who, also shes from my hometown, what a win!

Thanks for reading,



Some top tips for Beginners on Rimworld

Hey guys,

So I wanted to share some of my top tips, for getting started in rimworld.

Firstly when selecting your starting colonists:

  1. You want a good spread of skills
  2. I’d try get someone close to or higher than 8 in growing
  3. Also look at getting someone with some passion for Mining and Construction
  4. Don’t forget one good shooter, preferrably two if you can and/or one melee specialist.
  5. Be careful of traits, avoid pyromaniacs for a start!
  6. If needs be download the Prepared Carefully mod.

Selecting a world spot

  1. as a beginner I’d recommend at least large hills or mountanious terrain
  2. also for a biome I’d go with either temperate forest or if you think you want a challenge tropical rainforest(all round growing)
  3. Growing time, as much as possible hence possibly going tropical rainforest

Once you get into the world, you need to pick a spot for your base, this is a very flexible decision, but some things to consider.

  1. fertile soil – better for growing
  2. sheltered areas, easily defensible with potential to mine in for quick base construction but beware bugs!
  3. not near the edge of the map unless the only good spot really
  4. Geothermal vents, try to be fairly close to one of these or within reach for better power options

IF you liked these tips, drop me a like and I will continue to share more top tips!


Reflecting on the name . . .

Hi guys, hope all is well, or as good as it can be for all my readers. Just wanted to deliberate on my alias AlwaysMuteTheWeirdo, I feel it is growing more in meaning for me and adding layers that I never expected.

AlwaysMuteTheWeirdo, started off as a name I gave to myself for a future I envisioned a twitch and gamer moniker inspired by Soprano Pictures. A guy who did videos under a character that was if I’m not mistaken down syndrome, or at least some condition that would have a different voice and maybe learning difficulties, he used it to comedic affect and generally take the mick out of normal people for trying to bully him and/or just for fun I guess, it was great stuff.

When playing call of duty, give it time, I can be the most ragiest, funniest, also annoying player you will come across, not my words, or sentiments, I think I blend it rather blandly to the toxic landscape but I do admit I can often go off on a tangent, like a Ross Noble powered gay parade. I have a higher pitch at times, struggle to breathe and can be annoying, sometimes I say stuff that doesn’t make sense. So I figured I’d use that and create my own channel. Not gonna lie, though I have done this, my focus has never been on call of duty or games that might produce this magic. I tend to stream Rimworld, No Man’s Sky and other random indie titles these days. Still wonder if it is time to get back to my original plan of competitive multiplayer, or me getting owned online in some fashion. On a side note americans love me, british hate me it seems, not exclusively no doubt!!

My name has I said developed layers, often people comment on my name in twitch chat, I think I chose well. Aside from that I thought tonight as I came to my blog, but really it does often feel to me like I am a bit of a weirdo and with my social awkwardness and lack of confidence, partly due to dyspraxia, I am somewhat muted, I prefer to communicate like this sometimes, though it isn’t always easy to get things understood.

So who knows maybe more layers will be added, maybe the original idea will be realised, I have to confess I dropped call of duty as a franchise, due to flying faery fun time and a recycled microtransaction pay wall and loot box bullshit algorhythm that really bores me to tears. I am keenly awaiting the next Borderlands game and have plans for that already, so eyes peeled, salt at the ready if you know what I mean!

Anyhoo just wanted to share my thoughts this evening as I go to fix the last poem I posted, hope you like the changes.



Don’t Starve and Distraction

o guys, this evening I wanted to write something, mainly to distract my head from what irks me this evening, I have read books and done meditation exercises to help me stop thinking about certain things, to avoid non-useful thoughts, but it isn’t always easy. However writing sometimes helps.

So Don’t Starve is back in my mostly playing right now  games, after a long break. I have been watching Stumpt and Skye Storme, thanks guys, delve into the world of Together and Shipwrecked respectively, learning more, practicing my kiting and exploring the worlds best I can.

I am trying out the new Home Sea Home update on the PC, whilst  trying to unlock all the characters and both ps4 and pc, dabbling in Together when I get chance, if I can drag friends along, all the better.  Not all I’ve been playing, I did stick Mario Kart on briefly, which was fun.

So I got the golden key out of Yaarctopus on the second session and possibly the third time trading with him, but it was the first time I used a live tropical fish, this is one third of how to get woodlegs, unforunately I died, which is a shame, but I know its doable. I also think if you don’t find him early on make another small camp on the nearest island, should help you get what you need if hes miles away from your base.

I will possibly post another update, but in the mean time feel free to check out my youtube, where most of my gaming content is!

Thanks for reading,


Reflect, in both directions

Today I found myself popping to Tesco to get my ingredients for Harrira, a recipe given to me by a friend early this week, looking forwarding to it, eager to spend today writing, gaming/streaming, cooking this dish and generally enjoying myself, but constantly hounded by this “black dog” or “dark cloud” reminding me what I really want to be doing, or rather who I really want to be doing it with, if you pardon the pun.

I use this blog as an escape, an exit path for all the negative or darker thoughts, sometimes the nice ones too, but to reflect on the past, present and future. A friend of mine is heading out a new adventure, scary stuff I’m not sure I could deal with, so good luck to her!

Trying to eat a bit healthier from now on, though not being strict about it as last night was a takeaway which I am still polishing off today. Curry on a pizza has got to be one of my favourite takeaway dishes these days.

So streaming, what’s coming? Well I think Don’t Starve will be my main game at the moment, I got back into it and am loving it trying to get better at fighting mobs and learn fully how to heal up, it feels like I may need to use the PC version to learn what is really useful using mods then get back on console,  or maybe I use my xbox pad on pc? who knows.  Check my channel here.

Thanks for reading guys,

Pixc aka AlwaysMuteTheWeirdo

Something topical, gaming for me right now . . .

Hi guys,

So as many of you may already know I am a massive gamer, whether it is online or offline, shooter or city builder, love to just take some time out and game for hours. I usually write emotional personal stuff on here, but today I wanna talk gaming!

So in my world of gaming recently, I have been delving into a lot of different games, but the first thing that came up this last week was a game I watched Stumpt play. Decksplash, yeah I had trouble typing that, felt as am sure you will agree like it should be called Dicksplash, well I listened to their thoughts I watched the gameplay and I thought, this is something cool, this could be a lot of fun, the splatoon mixed with Tony Hawks vibe really struck a chord with me. So I thought head to steam and add it to my wishlist. To my surprise however, I found this game has been canned, cancelled, they did 1 week of free access on steam, expecting to get 100,000 players in that time, if not bye bye Decksplash, well it got 36000 apparently, so no more Decksplash. Here is the thing, I had no idea this game existed until I saw Stumpt played it, I also probably caught that particular video of theirs a week or so after it was released, we all have lives ya know? So as much I agree a multiplayer game needs  a good player base, expecting it to happen by a free week on steam, not sure it was the wisest move, little faith in the project, little ambition to make it succeed. Time is money seemed to be their arguement but I have never heard of the studio really, I have heard of two of their titles, but this game i liked more than either, I think a longer time frame or more effort in letting people know about it might have resulted in better draw so to speak. I wish developers didn’t do silly stunts like this but a free week had I known would have been a nice consolation prize.

Onwards though, I still sit here with a sily long list of games to dabble in, across a few different platforms, blasting out the psytrance, going back to fifa, wrestling and borderlands more than anything. Impatiently waiting Borderlands next installment and oh let’s not forget sinking hundreds of hours into Rimworld, testing out the Alpha 18 unstable build, in fact I may go stream some more of that now.

for already uploaded content find me here:

I always appreciate people stopping by for a chat, so please do feel free to get involved in the chat!


Thanks for reading,


I’ve just noticed something . . .

So I was talking to a friend the other day, about games, while  playing Battlefield 1, thinking this is graphically impressive, but expectedly so, when we kind of realised, well I did at least, that most of my favourite newish games are indie games, not AAA titles.

Weird I know but, games like Banished, Rimworld, Prison Architect and Project Highrise are games I play a lot lately, they are all made by small teams. Even Cities Skylines has taken a backseat for the time being. They all have big community followings and mods on steam, is that what draws me to them. I I love building games I guess. I am even considering getting the GOG version of Theme Hospital to see what the open source version plays like, definitely worth roughly £5 for the nostalgia alone but add in the possibilities of new content and well surely we are onto a winner.

It does somewhat irk me that the games I love seem to either be indie or not very popular. Veering away from the indie let’s take Battleborn, a new MOBAish game with borderlands flavour that could given the right group of friends produce hours of fun but nobody is on the bandwagon, wrapped up in competitive spring rolls on Overwatch, I find myself paired with randoms who either have no clue, leave half way through  or have to carry me and eventually just leave me to die. I wish more of my friends owned it but the one that does is on xbone with me on ps4, the one that has it doesn’t have time to play it as he prefers other games, I get it, not the best of games, but it can be real fun. While I enjoy holding it down playing some operations on Battlefield 1, the frustration and anger is definitely consistent on that game, I just can’t seem to get many nice runs or good games.

I just wanted to share that is it not time AAA titles offered more than competitive multiplayer and great graphics? I long for Borderlands 3 where there is brilliant co-op, loot a plenty and a great story with characters, I do concede I have some AAA or there abouts titles I am still yet to play, including but not limited to, The Witcher, Mafia 3 and Watchdogs 2, but I am more excited for Constructor HD if I’m honest, fingers crossed for an easy mode on all maps!

Thanks for reading,